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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News App offers the following opinion editorial written by Helen Raleigh, a senior contributor to The Federalist. An immigrant from China, she is the owner of Red Meadow Advisors, LLC, a Colorado Registered Investment Advisory Firm, and an immigration policy fellow at the Centennial Institute in Colorado. Raleigh’s op-ed is published by Fox News:

The woke left has long professed that they love immigrants. But in truth, their love is conditioned on whether the immigrants accept its woke ideology. For those immigrants who reject its doctrine, the woke left has only detestation.

After last week’s election, Michael Eric Dyson, a frequent commentator on MSNBC, disparaged Virginia’s incoming lieutenant governor Winsome Sears, the first Black woman elected to that position, by calling her a “Black mouth” for “White supremacist practices.” Sears is a Jamaican immigrant and Marine Corps veteran. In her victory speech, she talked about how her life embodies the American dream, and her election is a decisive repudiation of the woke left’s false narratives on race.

The article goes on to state the following:

Early this week, a Silicon Valley tech executive, Melinda Byerley, CEO of Fiddlehead, a digital consulting company, went on an extended Twitter rant, calling non-White immigrants “parasites” and telling immigrants who support lower taxes and limited social welfare systems to “go home.”

Below is a screenshot of the shocking above-referenced Twitter rant by Melinda Byerley:

Voicing her fury, Raleigh wrote, “I have a message for them: I’m not going anywhere because the United States is my home. I’m a naturalized U.S. citizen. The same Constitution affords me the same rights as it does for any U.S. citizen.”

An immigrant from China, Raleigh further explained, “Twenty-five years ago, I came to the U.S. all by myself with less than $100 in my pocket. Today, I have a wonderful family of my own. I’m neither rich nor famous, but I get to do things I love every day, especially things I would never have been able to do in Communist China – freely speaking my mind.”

She said the American dream is “never about obtaining material means. It is always about having the liberty to take charge of one’s own destiny, including maintaining independent thinking and the freedom of speech.”

In her op-ed, Raleigh voiced her objections to the left’s critical race theory agenda, because “it is divisive, repressive and hateful. It ignores the country’s progress and discounts the living experiences that many of us non-White immigrants have. Rather than uniting us, it divides us based on external factors such as skin color that we have no control of.”

“Let’s have a healthy, open and honest debate on how to make our country better. But do not tell us, immigrants, to go back to where we came from because you don’t like us disagreeing with you. The United States is our home. We are not going anywhere and we won’t stop speaking up either,” she vowed.

Tweeting a link to her op-ed, Raleigh wrote, “My latest .@FoxNewsThe woke left has long professed that they love immigrants. But in truth, their love is conditioned on whether the immigrants accept its woke ideology. For those immigrants who reject its doctrine, the woke left has only detestation.”

Prior to writing her public op-ed, Raleigh shared a screenshot of some of Byerley’s hateful tweets, and declared, “We live at a time when bridges are racists, but woke tech executive @MJB_SF @FiddleheadHQ , a self-proclaimed diversity champion gets away with telling non-white immigrants who don’t share her ideology to “go home” and calling them “parasites.””

Even Democrat Rep. Ro Khanna condemned Byerley’s “go home” rant, as he tweeted, “There is no place in Silicon Valley or America for the bigotry in Melinda Byerley’s tweet thread suggesting that Indian American immigrants are “parasites” and should go home. The thread reveals shocking ignorance more than anything else.”

After being blasted for  her Twitter rant, Byerley later issued an apology, saying, “I made a mistake a few days ago in the course of a heated discussion. I was too quick with words that don’t reflect my values or my point of view on larger issues such as immigration.”

“I am sorry for the hurt I caused, and that it took me so long to understand that hurt,” she claimed.

“I want to make clear to those who follow me on social media that I have learned from this, and I will hold myself to a higher standard in the future while remaining passionate and engaged in advocating for those with less privilege than many of us,” she added.

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  1. It’s always ‘I’m sorry I said that’ You’re not sorry you said it, you’re sorry it was publicly thrown back in your face. Did you not think someone might be offended? Again, you’re not sorry. The words came out of your mouth so those words are what’s in that black heart of yours.

  2. Ummm you said it your stuck with it bimbo. Let’s cancel her and put her racist bigoted ass out of business . While we are at it how much taxes does she pay I wanna know.

  3. Stop acting like you care about the less privileged, how about you take all of your riches and give it to someone in need! Put your money where your Mouth is, no body cares what you say if you don’t actually go to several families and buy them a house, food, etc!

  4. If you have never lived in Silicon Valley in California then you don’t know what Ms Byerley was tweeting about. It had NOTHING to do with the Chinese lady who became an American citizen 25 yrs ago. But the offensive tweet was obviously too broad to be understood. As far as I can see, a lot of the statements were accurate, except for the last one about “the history of race in America” which who knows what she was exactly saying there (bc I don’t know or follow her so I’m not going to make any assumptions). But we know it’s true many “immigrants” are leaches off the system yet want to influence politics and culture here. That’s what’s going on in California, I know cause I used to live there. And it’s most often the Hispanics throughout the state who are changing it, but in Silicon Valley it’s the East Indians and mostly they aren’t citizens but they take good tech jobs from Americans because the can be pd less, and I’m sure then work their way up in the big company’s and make a lot of money. I believe those are the ppl she’s talking about. Should hv made herself more clear but then she probably would hv been slammed harder. I grew up in that part of the state & my dad worked in Silicon Valley but now it’s hardly recognizable, there are so many Indians (Chinese as well). Many of the Indians have an “attitude” and they do not have our ethics. Just sayin’.

    • If they don’t start teaching the American kids the basic learning skills in school instead of using school for social platforms, American kids are going to lose mostly to foreigners. They are not equipped to work when they get out of school. They have passed to the next grade whether they were qualified or not and cannot read and do basic math. Plus, a large number have no work ethic-they may or may not show up for work and if they do show their work is poor. Foreigners have learned well because it’s their way of survival in their countries – if you don’t excel, you don’t have a good job and you can’t feed your family. I don’t agree with illegals coming in. We need to quit giving kids grades unless they have worked for them and go back to expecting excellence (in basic studies) in schools in America.

  5. Immigrants – people who come here legally
    Illegals are those who stroll in And expect freebies of which they are not entitled to
    Immigrants- who come legally join not take over an entire country
    Illegals – destroyed every country they poured into
    You be the judge now that we have over 69 Million illegals To replace the 69 million aborted Americans.
    Now they are flooding in since Biden is going to give them $475,00 a piece
    That’s $375,000 more than a soldiers family gets for dying in the line of duty And more than Americans make in a life time


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