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Special Counsel John Durham appears to have methodically built a case of historic consequence. It’s just not the case he has brought against bigshot Democratic Party lawyer Michael Sussmann.

Jury selection begins in Sussmann’s trial on Monday, in Washington, DC. It will be the first trial to arise out of the Russiagate probe, which began over three years ago. That’s when former Trump Attorney General Bill Barr assigned Durham, a longtime Justice Department prosecutor from Connecticut, to investigate how, in the middle of a heated presidential campaign and based upon scant evidence, the FBI came to suspect one of the candidates of being a clandestine agent of the Kremlin — to the point of opening counterintelligence and criminal investigations targeting Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign.

The article goes on to state the following:

According to court filings in the Sussmann case, Durham has fingered the Hillary Clinton campaign as the culprit. The problem is that Durham has not charged that fraudulent scheme. Yet, he wants to offer evidence of the sweeping scheme in order to prove a comparatively minor and narrow offense — namely, that Sussmann lied to the FBI at a single meeting, on September 19, 2016.

McCarthy writes that Durham has portrayed the Clinton campaign as “guilty of perhaps the worst dirty trick in the history of American presidential elections,” which he says is “a conspiracy to defraud the government into probing her opponent,” as a means of slandering Trump to voters as a “nefarious threat to the United States.”

McCarthy notes that Durham isn’t charging “Hillary Clinton, her campaign, or any of its operatives” for “such a sensational crime,” yet evidence of “the big, uncharged fraud scheme” may come up in court if the Obama-appointee judge, Christopher Cooper, permits Durham to introduce it as proof of why Sussmann allegedly lied to the FBI.


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    • They ARE afraid of her……she has dirt on everyone! Since Bill Clinton’s presidency, the country has gone downhill. Trump almost succeeded in draining the DC swamp but was kept busy with lawsuits. He needed more time. He should have fired everybody from the Obama administration on day 1.

  1. A direct approach would have too much resistance… the truth is like a lion… set it free and it will defend itself! The shitstorm is just starting to be revealed… a chess master evaluates their opponent carefully, the moment they strike will be evident for all to see.

  2. It also won’t be a fair trial if it’s overseen by an Obama judge! Obama’s involved but the judge won’t let him be implemented!!


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