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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News App offers the following information published by Breitbart:

Photos granted exclusively to Breitbart News show Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi going maskless at a crowded indoor event, just a day after President Biden urged all Americans to once again start wearing masks indoors.

The photos appear to show Pelosi at a D.C. party hosted by the California State Society earlier this evening with guests surrounding Pelosi, including a child, wearing masks — but Pelosi’s is nowhere to be seen.

The article goes on to state the following:

The event reportedly took place at the Museum of American History. Tickets for the event state that all attendees over the age of two are required to wear masks.

Pelosi’s own daughter just tweeted a video of Joe Biden telling people on Monday to “wear your mask when you’re indoors in public settings around other people.”

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  1. Congress should put her maskless puss face pictures up all over the walkway to “the house” and down hallways. Place that mask less puss faces pictures all over the place. Let’s not forget she is fining maskless congress people

  2. Rules for thee, but not for me!
    By Nancy Piglosy!!!!!
    I see several people without them on. Guess it doesn’t apply to the elite liberals!

  3. Don’t people know that the virus is virtuous? The politicians know that the masks are stupid and useless because Fauci has told them but Fauci and the “wanna be nobility” colluded to scare the peasants into compliance! If you look closer at the picture you can see a lot of people not wearing masks. Super spreader? We’ll never know. Does Pelosi get tested a few days after these maskless events? Doubt it!

  4. Piglosi will CONTINUE merrily going along and simply NOT giving 2 damns just like the rest so I will.continue doing what THEY are doing


  5. And this is the reason nobody’s listening to this freak show anymore
    You know when the devils got someone’s mind ? When they are blind and deaf to their own words and actions ! Evil doers all of them.


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