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Mixed reactions are pouring in after news broke that the Biden administration is wanting to launch a Covid “passport” which would show proof of an individual having received the coronavirus vaccine.

Officials say “getting vaccinated and having proper documentation will smooth the way to travel, entertainment and other social gatherings in a post-pandemic world.”

In a Fox News broadcast Tuesday morning, anchor Dana Perino said she had no problem with a Covid passport, while Fox contributor Lawrence Jones fiercely declared if such a system is implemented, he is filing a lawsuit against the government immediately.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced on Monday that he will absolutely not allow a Covid Passport to be mandated in Florida.

DMLNewsApp founder Dennis Michael Lynch has sounded the alarm, noting that any suggestion of a mandatory vaccine “passport” is dangerous to the liberties all Americans enjoy, and will be the “beginning of the end” of freedom in the U.S.

“You won’t be able to go to church, buy groceries, go to your job, get on a plane or a train, and your kid won’t be able to go to school, if you don’t have the ‘passport’,” DML warned.

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WATCH DML’s recent comments on the issue in the two video clips below:

DML’s Response to Covid Passports – PART 1

DML’s Response to Covid Passports – PART 2

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WATCH: DeSantis vows to take executive action against ‘vaccine passports’

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  1. I am vehemently opposed to vaccine passports! No one should be required to take this “vaccine” to return to normal societal functions. It has not been FDA approved and no one knows the long term effects especially on child-bearing aged adults and children.

    • You’re absolutely right. It won’t stop there – that’s why they’re pushing it. The want control over everything.

  2. I haven’t taken the vaccine and as of now, I don’t want to. In any event I recent the supposed vaccine passport which is a Edy for the government to force citizens to receive the vaccine.

  3. They have us locked down so damn tight while opening the borders and letting those people come in Fridley no absolutely not I for one of had the fuck enough I don’t know what to do but I know I’ve had enough

  4. I’m sorry but only an idiot would think that’s OK and someone who’s not in tune with what is happening in our country. It is not OK to tell anyone when and where to go and you have to have this or that to be able to go other than the normal ID and license.

  5. Mantra for abortion is my body my choice. Now even men can use this excuse. This is communist which is what Democratic Party is. We must resist, it is pure satanic

  6. Not taking a “vaccine”. Happy to not have a passport. Idiots don’t even see that they are creating a society that they lecture against… remember when blacks weren’t allowed because of the color of their skin? Now it’s the “unvaccinated” who are not allowed.

  7. Truly the dumbing down of American absolutely amazes me and they believe just about anything the Washington clowns put out. Do your own research people it’s not that hard. This is control sheepeople, wake up! Of course you libtard minions roll them sleeves up and enjoy your poke

  8. Hey I need a passport to get into other countries 😲but illegal aliens can just come in and that’s not ok with me…don’t even think 🤔 of expecting Americans to do this! I have ID to go everywhere so can others too, and yes to vote we need ID 😳 it’s my body my choice not this socialist governments!

  9. It is called HitlerBiden come on man Control of the American People re-intiating mask mandate when he caused the Border Diaster.

  10. Oh they are going to expect it alrighty and as of right now unless we conservatives gain some power back — not much will be done about it either I’m afraid.

  11. And we unvaccinated people will have to wear a gold star . This is totally wrong. This Country going in a very dangerous direction.

  12. This passport for our health presumes everyone is sick and denies us the ability to live our lives based on a presumption of guilt. Why is everyone so easily wish to become beholden to the whims of an ever-growing bureaucracy which is creeping into our lives.

    Once we grant our data to a government system, it becomes immortalized and Washington, DC is not trustworthy to tell the truth about election nor about what actually happened on January 6th. They have a narrative and wish for Americans to become easier to track. Easier to control. Easier to turn into outcasts if we don’t comply. (Just look at China and their “social credit score” system.) WHY ARE WE ALLOWING THIS? Wake up and fight such nonsense.

  13. It’s extremely wrong illegal I should not have to prove to anyone what vaccines I’ve had or haven’t had … You know at one time they accuse Trump of being Hitler like ruling I’m sorry papers keys this is the German Nazi way very Hitler like Joseph Biden …

  14. Yes and I am willing to wear a star on all my outfits to show everyone that passes me that I got the vaccine, plus I will make sure to carry this passport to cross State to State…SARCASIIM OF COURSE!!!! These idiots trying to get us to take a vaccine that has not been approved by the FDA, nor that has properly been tested, when there is already remedies that are proven and approved by FDA.

  15. I’m not even okay with Covid vaccine. I’m not taking it so that makes me not okay with a vaccine passport. I have been worried about this since the beginning. Not complying


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