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Georgia gubernatorial candidate Vernon Jones argues that he’s “the future of the Republican Party.”

Jones is a former Democratic state representative who switched to the GOP last year after serving as a leading Black surrogate and supporter in Georgia of former President Trump’s reelection campaign. In April, he launched what pundits consider a long-shot primary challenge against GOP Gov. Brian Kemp.

Jones, who touted that “people know that I have stood strong for Donald Trump and the America First agenda,” spoke with Fox News on Monday, hours after former Sen. David Perdue also jumped into the Republican gubernatorial race following months of encouragement by Trump.

However, Trump has now dealt a huge blow to Jones’ campaign, by endorsing Perdue just hours after he announced his run for governor.

Jones warned on Monday that Perdue and Kemp are “two peas in a pod,” as he released the following statement:

Are we sure this is not a veiled attempt to cover Kemp’s flank? In addition to introducing Gov. Kemp at the 2021 Georgia GOP convention, Perdue recently proclaimed we already have a Republican Governor….

These are two peas in a pod! I’m the only candidate for Governor who has called for the elimination of state income taxes, a forensic audit of all 159 counties, didn’t abandon President Trump or his America/Georgia first agenda and can defeat the socialist Stacey Abrams in the general election.

In another Twitter post, Jones wrote, “David Perdue’s a nice guy. But in 2018, Georgians elected a nice guy. And in 2020, that nice guy failed us. Georgians are tired of nice guys; they want fighters. The President knows that too.”

“.@Perduesenate had his own election stolen from him, but what did he do in response? Not. A. Damn. Thing. Until he wanted to be Governor,” Jones added.

Republican strategist and podcaster CJ Pearson spoke up in defense of Jones, tweeting, “Speake to the strength of Vernon Jones. @RepVernonJones fought harder for President Trump, as a DEMOCRAT, than most Republicans in our state. He’s the guy that’s keeping the Left up at night. Period.”

Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik has been rooting for Jones, and said on Twitter on Monday, “The three of them combined can’t beat @RepVernonJones! RINOs @GovKemp and @sendavidperdue have got to go…”

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Kerik responded to Trump’s endorsement of Perdue, saying, “Interesting, @sendavidperdue did nothing to fight for himself or President Trump in the 2020 election. He was a coward! He spent $96 million on a US Senate race and didn’t even fight for it. He was afraid to debate! Neither #DavidPurdue or @GovKemp can beat Stacey Abrams!”

Below is a campaign video which Jones released in September:

In Trump’s endorsement of Perdue, he wrote, “Great to see that David Perdue is running for Governor of Georgia. He is a Conservative fighter who isn’t afraid of the Radical Left, and is the only candidate in Georgia who can beat Stacey “The Hoax” Abrams in November.”

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    • Vernon Jones had a lawsuit against him in 2004 for discriminating against white people in the work place. I’m sure that has to do with it.

  1. Well I am am voting for Vernon Jones. Who in the hell is Trump getting his advice from? I do NOT know one person voting for any of these jokers! They are all establishment RINOS! All my friends are voting Vernon, he is a fighter!

    • Vernon was sued for discriminating against white people in the work place in 2004. He lost the lawsuit. You guys are being fooled by democrat snake.

      • Exactly I have no clue why anyone is voting for the snake Vernon Jones. I also don’t know anyone would support RINO David Purdue. Should support Kandiss Taylor. She backs forensic audits and is an avid Trump supporter.

  2. Vernon Jones is the male Kim Klacik. We’ll never move forward by electing people who call others “racist” for criticizing them. Perdue isn’t a great choice, but given the pool, he was the best one.


    I liked Vernon too, but when new information comes to light, we must move forward.

    • I looked up your citation. I see what you mean. For those of you without the time to listen, essentially Jones became gratuitously argumentative and then tried to filibuster as Stew Peters sought to explore a past court judgment finding that Jones had engaged in anti-white hiring and HR practices. Jones made a fair point about the need for anti-CRT legislation, as opposed to an executive order quick-fix. But when he continuously tried to speak over Peters, Peters briefly muted him, at which point Jones walked. Peters then launched into a damning soliloquy about Jones’ HR practices and sexual peccadilloes. I had originally thought that Trump had made a mistake in passing over Jones, but now I’m not so sure. In any case, I trust in the judgment of our Georgian compatriots on this website. We need a full forensic audit in GA. I pray you help us achieve it.

  4. Jones, Kemp, and Perdue are all corrupt and are only in this for themselves! They have sold out Georgia’s citizens time after time. Look at their records. Vernon Jones is a womanizer, and non trustworthy. Kemp and Perdue both have not only lined their pockets, but sold us out this past election!! We need new trustworthy candidates, and rid Georgia of these weasels. Support Candace Taylor, she is a strong, godly, trustworthy woman.

  5. Trump made this choice because he has to bring the never Trumpers to the table to beat Abrams. Just because Jones left them demnuts party and supported Trump and his policies doesn’t make him a true conservative Republican. Jones should run for lieutenant governor along side of Perdue, they would be a good ticket. I like Jones, but he is still a moderate and has believed in his politics as a Democrat for his entire career as a politician.

  6. Trump has a poor history of selecting or endorsing leaders. His onlynreal success was Ron DeSantis but Trump was lukewarm with DeSantis and had other picks he preferred.

    Other than DeSantis and Keyleigh McEnany all if Trumps picks have been disasters.

  7. Like to their platform and their past actions. Seems most of between a rock and a hard place. You don’t wanna Democrat you cannot believe anyone coming out of that party and then on the other hand no one knows until the deals done who has a rhino. There doesn’t seem to be anyway the American people that vote for these peopleTo hold them responsible for what they said they would do. Scary time!

  8. Wrong person
    !! Why not Vernon Jones ! I remember when your guy threw You under the bus. That was the biggest problem Trump had Keeping those that were against him It’s always wise to keep your enemies closer than your friends But not in our government Because it’s not just you they affect Its the millions of us out here they really hurt.
    Wake up Trump This is one reason we are dealing with all the judges that your past predecessors left behind You didn’t fire. And you could have and should have They would. They didn’t leave your judges in place You has 450 throughout America that should have been replaced. The SC they couldn’t touch But are holding them in their pockets except for two


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