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In a report published Wednesday evening, titled, “List of Republicans breaking with Trump grows longer,” The Hill declared, “Republican senators have not been vocal in pushing back on the president’s unsubstantiated or false claims about the election, but a growing number are slowly acknowledging Biden as the apparent winner.”

“Some Republicans in Congress have acknowledged Biden as the winner of the election, and Trump’s decision to approve of the transition moving forward last week followed growing pressure from Republicans for him to do so. But they’ve been largely silent on Trump’s claims of voter fraud,” the report continued.

In his daily podcast on Wednesday, DMLNewsApp founder Dennis Michael Lynch blasted many Republican leaders who were adamantly opposed to then-candidate Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign season, then appeared to embrace him during his presidency, but have now quietly pulled away since the November 3 election.  Only a few have voiced their outraged over the multiple allegations of election fraud, while most remain silent. Waiting.

Contemplating what caused President Trump to “lose” the presidential election, DML noted that it wasn’t only election fraud, but he also blamed the Republican establishment itself, saying he believes many Republican politicians want Trump out. “They don’t want him running in 2024 either,” he said.

“I think this was the ‘perfect crime’ led by the GOP. The GOP waved its hand. They had you look at the Democrats, at Facebook, at Twitter, at CNN… and meanwhile in the other hand, they did everything they could to make sure Trump had no chance. They just stepped back and did nothing. They just let the crime go, and along the way, made Trump, his lawyers, and his supporters look like they’re some conspiracy theorists.  They’ve insulted your intelligence, they’ve insulted mine, and they allowed the left and Dr. Fauci to run crazy with this coronavirus,” DML said.

“What has anybody in the GOP done, with the exception of Trump, to try to stop this coronavirus lockdown?” DML asked. He also slammed several Republicans who are actually pushing to amnesty for illegal aliens.

“President Trump has revealed the real, true RINOs, he has revealed how dirty and dishonest the media is, and now we understand how dirty elections are,” DML said.

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  1. The Republicans are spineless and yes I think they brokered a deal with the Democrats. They all rode Trump’s coat tails into office and were no where to be found. Now citizens have lost their right to vote in a FREE and FAIR election.

  2. The GOP doesn’t fight dirty! It goes against their principles. It’s too bad that Democrats are cheating lying vultures! Republicans need to figure out how to effectively fight back, & not back down. They need to be held accountable to stick to conservative principles. When something is right , they need to stick to their guns in opposition to Democrats! They need to refuse to accept election fraud , refuse to accept mail in ballots, corrupt behavior, & refuse to accept govt sponsored HC, etc etc! They’ve been weak, & they need to stick together!

  3. Trump has tried to get the Republicans to stick together and has acknowledged the times they have voted together. Unlike the Dems, the Republicans can throw one another under the bus. Obamacare repeal- McCain got two other Republican Senators to vote with him and say no. Such a shame. There is plenty of blame to go around with the Dems, MSM, big tech companies, rinos, different Republicans, poll people willing to help the Dems cheat, governors, judges, BLM, ANTIFA, local authorities, China, — and more. I have a headache just thinking about it. However, the Republicans in Congress need to grow a pair, even the females. They can’t let the country go down the dark path of socialism. Get over your dislike of Trump. Who cares? You don’t have to like the people you work with, just get the job done. Hopefully, there’s time left.

  4. We’re going against have always been known cowards the thing is if they don’t fix this fraud now Republicans are going to be dinosaurs guaranteedyou learn so much and if this fraud isn’t fixed and the rightful president which is Donald Trump if he’s not in I will never vote again I’m done because everything’s fixed it’s going to be a rigged election because nothing’s being fixed

  5. Both sides are an absolute disaster. Deep state on both sides. Some are ok. They should remain, but the rest need to be voted out and we have new fresh folks. Like the new ones in the house coming in. Let’s just hope they don’t get swallowed up at the parties and get derailedike so many do. It is about the American People not about themselves. Often that gets lost in the process.

  6. The person who failed Trump is Trump. It is hard to blame him for COVID. I would have also been reluctant to shut down the country if I were president and the economy were roaring as his was at the time the virus arrived.
    I think with COVID and the economy putting so many out of work and replaced with fear, Trump’s in-your-face governing put off enough voters to put him out of office.
    Americans have been snowflaky at times long in the past. Think FDR and the comforting fireside chats. Now, step back for a moment and imagine President Trump’s drill-sergeant-in-your-face-f¥€k-you approach in place of FDR’s approach. See what I mean?
    Trump forgot along the way that he did not win by big margins the first time. He should have pulled back his BAAAAAAH rhetoric in the time of calamity. However, if COVID did not arrive Trump would have won handedly. I have no doubt in my mind.

  7. The GOP never fights for anything, they are all wusses except a few. Jim Jordan will get out there and fight, the rest just sit and do nothing. This is why everything the democrats say GOES! We can’t win with people like this. I don’t see very many of the GOP out there helping President Trump prove the election was rigged but he sure helps them when they need it.

  8. Arizona Governor totally threw President Trump under the bus!!! I am ashamed! Horrified and despise the So-called G O P ! A useless POS and they have the audacity to keep asking for money.

  9. Damn skippy! Mctrader, down on knees ryan and so many others betrayed our great leader and all play as big a part in the fraud as the Dems. I would love to see them all dealing with the communists and losing every battle watching this nation be destroyed because they are traitors. The love for freedom and for this great nation does not allow me to betray my president who is trying to save us from destruction. Elected officials do not feel the same way.


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