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A recent report by Vanity Fair about the low attendance at a Tulsa campaign rally alleges President Trump may be considering removing some responsibilities from his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who serves as his senior advisor.  The report includes the following:

Trump is debating revoking his son-in-law Jared Kushner’s control over the campaign, sources said. As I previously reported, Trump has been frustrated with Kushner’s oversight of the campaign in light of polling that consistently shows Trump losing to Joe Biden. Another source of friction has been campaign spending and reports Trump has gotten that Parscale is making millions of dollars. “Did Jared allow this?” Trump asked advisers recently, according to a source. 

A report by Vox earlier this month described Kushner as “the most powerful person in the White House,” and wrote, “Jared Kushner’s portfolio of duties is already the stuff of legend — overseeing the US-Mexico border wall, ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, solving the opioid crisis, managing the nation’s medical stockpile amid the coronavirus crisis, overhauling the Republican Party platform, and on and on.”

Kushner is married to the president’s eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump. The couple have been a big part of the Trump administration since the president first took office.

PLEASE TAKE OUR POLL BELOW – WE WANT YOUR OPINION! Do you think Trump should fire Jared Kushner?


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    • I agree! Trump has poor decision making when it comes to picking staff. He’s made some good ones but some have been God awful.

  1. Will be incredibly hard to let him go, and I’m sure bring family strife … and he, like me, is a family person …. BUT, our country is at stake here. Follow your gut Sir!

  2. I remember he and Ivanka going to a function at the Soros home early on in the administration. Jared and Ivanka are NWO deep staters in my opinion. They haven’t helped!

  3. I think Trump is not using his gut feelings on all the things that are going on. I think Jared probably does not agree with him and makes Trump unsure of what he was originally going to do. Jared and Ivanka are really democrats. They should not be in White House and his Administration.

  4. I think it is a question of a conflict of interest anytime someone especially in government is hired. Just for reasons such as this question asks. It is very awkward to have to fire or let a family member or friend go. Talk about a disgruntled employee… I have wondered why the president would place him or any family in positions for ethical reasons if nothing else. The gut feeling has had my radar going off on both the SIL and Ivanka both said to be democrats. Pardon me if that is not correct. Not sure why the President has chosen others. also who advise him. They seem to always not have the best advice from all that has been reported. He needs to be more discriminant about those who he is choosing to surround himself with. Have thought this for a while now but the radar went off immediately on the family hires. Things can go sour in those sorts of relationships really quickly. There used to be in regular jobs a thing called conflict of interest if someone applying for a job had a family member already working at that place of business. Think that would be even more critical for something such as Presidential cabinet and staff.

  5. Yes! Why does Jared live in apartment 666! Is he undermine our president in the name of Satan???? God bless Trump🙏🏻 I believe Jared is an arrogant traitor!

  6. If not fired, remove some responsibilities from his work load. Always thought he was capable, but not sure if he has as strong a loyalty as the president needs. I think Ivanka and Jared are left leaning Republicans.

  7. He is Ivanka husband.
    We all know the “left” is shady! Of course they have Biden winning in the polls. Just like they had HELLary winning in the polls against Trump.

    I say No, unless there’s someone you know would be trustworthy and does a better job than his son in law.

    I doubt you will find that person now.

    I say No! Keep him there.

  8. He was another Plant. Thought so from the beginning. The deep state let him look good for more important things. Like the lock downs.

  9. Drawing information from Vox and Vanity Fair? Come on, you can do better than that. I agree with Lizet Lynch. You can’t trust what the media says. And, taking Vox and Vanity Fair as fair and impartial information is laughable. Our president needs trustworthy people and Ivanka and Jared are one of the few that our president can rely upon until we learn otherwise. Talk about the light turnout of the last rally is laughable too. Do you think the fear of the corona virus and the riots that the media promoted have anything to do with it. I agree that I don’t like nepotism, but in this case it might be a really good thing. My belief is that this article above is NOT fair or balanced and therefore, maybe the poll isn’t accurately describing how we feel after dissecting this article.


  11. NO, a LEADER does not need to be surrounded by “YES” men! In any decision-making process, it is of utmost importance that a LEADER be apprised of both sides of the equation in order to make a firm and sound decision. If his son-in-law is there to undermine him in his decision-making processes, it would only cement his choices on how to handle things based on what he truly feels is the right way to address situations.

    • Yes. Get different folks to handle the different rolls he is playing. Keep him as an advisor only with no power. COVID is now and maybe was always a political operation to shut down the economy and hurt the election for President Trump. These political hacks and derp state don’t care how many Americans are harmed,marxists never do. Get people back in who helped elect him 1st time. Bring in new blood. Be bold. Pray for heavenly guidance.

  12. If it’s true the Jared and I Ivanka are democrats then he has the enemy advising and performing other duties. This is like putting the fox inside the chicken coup while thinking the fox will guard the chickens. It’s stupid. Relatives or not the democrats are evil. All democrats are the enemy of America. President Trump should fire all holdovers and fire all democrats. Fauci is a liberal, he should have never been chosen are placed in the position he now serves in. He is an enemy of American culture and capitalism. President Trump in his moment of euphoria chose Jared to appease Ivanka. Bad choice. Democrats today are Marxist, they must be eradicated if America is to continue. The democrats over the years have turned a free country with liberty and justice for all into a corrupt semi-socialist nation. It’s time to stop them by whatever means necessary, that means unless true american patriots are willing to die to restore the true America the the path America is on will not be stoped, America will become a socialist, Marxist nation. We are more than half way now. If you doubt this then try building a home, start a business, try home schooling kids, starting a private school is full over road blocks and hurdles. The first amendment has been destroyed with hate crimes legislation, freedom of religion has been attacked and regulated, buying a firearm and ammo is a time consuming head ache in most places, millions cannot purchase a gun due to a frivolous past incursion or mistake. Let’s face it folks, we are loosing because we are not getting physical. The debating is not working, the only thing this enemy understands is a ass whipping, and I mean a bloody ass whipping.

  13. When I found out Ivanka and Jared are liberals, I started praying the President would tune out their advice, and instead would listen to God’s wisdom. Only God can help us now — it’s time to make An Appeal to Heaven.


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