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Kamala Harris has received a mountain of mockery this week over a NASA video she participated in with child actors to celebrate World Space Week.

The video, filmed in August and just released last Thursday, was produced by a Canadian-based company called “Sinking Ship Entertainment.”

Backlash over Harris’s bizarre performance in the video, along with the discovery that the kids were child actors and the unique name of the production company, is escalating by the day, and is stirring up even more concerns of her qualifications for the role of vice president.

The Daily Mail reported: The video was shot at the Naval Observatory, Harris’ residence, from August 11 to August 13. During that time the Taliban were making rapid advances across Afghanistan and were closing in on Kabul during the chaotic U.S. withdrawal.

Harris has also been fiercely criticized recently for visiting a day care in New Jersey instead of going along with Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Attorney General Merrick Garland, and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to attend a meeting in Mexico City.

A recent survey by Redfield & Wilton Strategies showed only 39% approve of Harris’s performance as vice president, while 38% disapprove. The breakdown is as follows:

  • 17% Strongly approve
  • 22% Approve
  • 15% Neither
  • 8% Disapprove
  • 30% Disapprove
  • 8% Don’t know

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  1. Um … did cameltoes hire those child actors … or did We, The People (unwillingly) hire those child actors?

    If We, The People paid for that expense, then We, The People want her to personally reimburse us for that foolish expenditure.

  2. The only relatable person to her is herself! She’s already shown me validation of her non-existent capability to serve in a leadership position…she can’t fulfill her civic duties to the public and she falls in line with policies that don’t align with our constitutional laws and values….radical left ideology!

  3. First off I want to address MTMOMMA. The black community did not call for her to be VP. Second she is not black. Her mother is Indian her mother moved to Jamaica and married another Indian man. Not a black Jamaican. 2nd of all during the debates she only received 1% of votes to stay into the race. She bowed out because she didn’t have the backing. As far as the child care center. Have any of you seen a child care setting that looked like that? Never! Have you ever seen children that age in child care? No they either go home and someone is waiting or they go to friends and hang out. I can bet you since these kids are child actors they are home schooled by the movie company that was hired to manage them. Maybe might only be their first time on camera who knows? You know from the start this was BS. Wise up and stop drinking the devils water.

  4. She has a negative rating from me. Traitors, pedophiles, and human traffickers get no sympathy from me. Hope she enjoys her tribunal. When this is all said and done, I will accept nothing less. She definitely earned it. Fake inauguration, fake white house sets, fake mandates, fake president, and fake administration. Trump never lost.


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