POLL: Is a transgender person suffering from mental illness?

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The transgender movement is spreading across the nation, faster than anyone could imagine, and has become embedded into nearly every aspect of society, including schools, corporations, government and even the U.S. military.

A New York Times report from June of last year reads:

The number of young people who identify as transgender has nearly doubled in recent years, according to a new report that captures a stark generational shift and emerging societal embrace of a diversity of gender identities.

The analysis, relying on government health surveys conducted from 2017 to 2020, estimated that 1.4 percent of 13- to 17-year-olds and 1.3 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds were transgender, compared with about 0.5 percent of all adults.

Those figures illustrated a significant rise since the researchers’ previous report in 2017, though the analyses used different methods.

Twitter account “Libs of TikTok” recently posted the following video of a transgender person who claims that only biological men who think they are women are the “real women” because they “put more work” into being a woman.

Another video shows an elderly person who identifies as a baby girl.

PLEASE TAKE OUR POLL BELOW – DML WANTS YOUR OPINION!  Is a transgender person suffering from mental illness?

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  1. Seriously? What the fu*k else would it be? It’s not normal, it’s perversion and immoral period. Mental illness and if you think differently your part of the problem and it’s criminal that the medical community sees another opportunity to make significant money off of really sick people

  2. Yes! Absolutely! Instead of normalizing this, the government should get them help!! Spiritual and Mental! My gosh!! This country is SO DECEIVED-It’s turning into SODOM and GOMORRAH!

  3. From literature
    Psychoanalyst Edmund Bergler infamously wrote in a book for, “I have no bias against homosexuals; for me they are sick people requiring medical help… Still, though I have no bias, I would say: Homosexuals are essentially disagreeable people, regardless of their pleasant or unpleasant outward manner… [their] shell is a mixture of superciliousness, fake aggression, and whimpering. Like all psychic masochists, they are subservient when confronted with a stronger person, merciless when in power, and unscrupulous about trampling on a weaker person”

  4. More like demon possession vexed with an unholy spirt trapped inside of them and Jesus is the only way to get freedom from those spirts Therefore, Jesus rebuked Satan with scripture and did not agree to Satan’s demands. This is the key difference between the two moments. The demon’s request in Matthew 8 did not lead Jesus to sin, while Satan’s demands of Jesus were intended to bring Jesus into sin and he failed miserably.

  5. From literature

    In 1991 a biologist named Dr. Hamer concluded from his own statistical study that homosexuality was genetic. In 1999, the University of Ottawa discovered, after examining Dr. Hamer’s study that it was false and erroneous. But ‘..the horse had been let out of the gate.’ It became the fixation and foundation of our Western Culture. It gave a sanctimonious pardon for it, as the term ‘disease’ has done for the alcoholic. Dr. Hamer was a homosexual and may have been influenced by his own predilection in his reckless conclusion. There is absolutely no genetic identification code for a homosexual. It is not biologically driven, and it can not be identified through DNA

  6. Professionally speaking, there exists a large clinical consensus that all forms of maladaptive sexual expression, including homosexuality and gender deviations are significant manifestations of cognitive and emotional disorders.

  7. Up until vey recently the DSM IV which has been replaced by the
    DSM V, the diagnostic manual used by psychiatrists and mental health professionals to diagnose mental health disorders, classified gender dysphoria and all related disorders as mental health spectrum disorders.
    The LGBT community put incredible amounts of pressure on the system, as they often do, and the medical community caved. Many therapists and mental health professionals still see it for what it truly is though

  8. I can’t say Caitlyn Jenner has a mental disorder. She has a lot of common sense and she is a wonderful parent to her kids. But som transgenders are totally flaky.

  9. Too much Dope, Brainwashing in all of our institutions. Add to that, it’s the internet and entitled youths who instead should be forced to get a job, after school, weekends and summer. That’s what my generation did and we All turned out just fine.

  10. Not mental illness, moral illness caused by desire to work against God’s words. The desire to be trans, or any abnormal behavior is a test for the individual to obey God, or give in to their emotions to do what they think they need. IMO.

  11. I feel for the really young teens it seems the thing to do ,kids love to feel like they want to fit in be cool . For the old ones I think are definitely mentally deranged.

  12. Ya think: God made man and said this is good , and said man should not be alone and god made woman and said that is good and man for woman and woman for man. Men’s vial affection for men and women’s vial affection for women are perverse.

  13. They are mentally ill, manipulated, and brainwashed. The order is different depending on the person & the age. What’s worse, government is promoting it, and allowing it to be promoted. It needs to be called what it really is, and stop enabling & facilitating it. It’s very sad.

  14. It’s also, people who’ve been raised to think about how they “feel” & self. Many are narcissistic. And it’s our sin nature that leads us there when we allow it.

  15. They’re sick alright but we cannot start calling it mental sickness or we no longer can criticize the pukes. It’s intentional.


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