POLL: Is DeSantis right or wrong to remain silent on the potential NY indictment of Donald Trump?

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is getting pounded by many conservatives over his silence regarding the potential arrest of former President Donald Trump.

Trump announced in a fiery post on his Truth Social account on Saturday that, based on leaks he had been made aware of, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is preparing to indict him over alleged hush money payments Trump made during his 2016 presidential campaign to adult film star Stormy Daniels.

Former Vice President Mike Pence has condemned Bragg for going after Trump. Also, Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has been very outspoken in condemning the possibility that Trump might be indicted.

Ramaswamy noted in one video statement that this isn’t about Trump or any one person, but this is about principal, and he denounced the Democrat party for trying to use “police power” to stop Joe Biden’s opponent from running.

However, DeSantis, who is expected to run against Trump and is the governor of Trump’s home state, has so far remained completely silent on the matter.  GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley has also failed to issue any statement addressing the case.

Conservatives are praising Ramaswamy for speaking out, and are questioning the deafening silence from DeSantis.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee tweeted, “Good for @VivekGRamaswamy who is standing up for principle. Where are the other possible & declared GOP candidates? This truly is not about 1 person. It’s about turning USA into police state to punish political enemies.”

Derrick Evans, Republican candidate for U.S. Congress from West Virginia, tweeted, “Thank you @VivekGRamaswamy for being the ONLY person running against President Trump to speak about how wrong this is. While others are being silent in hopes it helps their campaign, Vivek is standing with truth, justice, and the dangerous precedent this will set. Thank you 🇺🇸.”

Collin Rugg, co-owner of Trending Politics, tweeted, “I’ve stayed quiet about the Trump / DeSantis rift. I think it’s a waste of time for the most part. That being said, DeSantis has a unique opportunity to come forward and denounce the political persecution of Trump yet he stays silent. Why?”

Author Todd Cefaratti tweeted, “If DeSantis doesn’t come out and publicly denounce what the radical left is doing and put his support behind Trump, he is done with me and millions of others.”

Cefaratti added, “I like and support Governor DeSantis. This is not about Trump, but abuse of power and political targeting by the state. And trust me, if he remains silent on this important issue, he will never be president, this term or any other term and will lose a lot of his support as Gov.”

Human Events editor Jack Posobiec tweeted, “It takes 10 seconds to send a tweet “This prosecution of President Trump is a farce and does grave damage to our republic.” We have eyes to see today.”

“Pay attention to which Republicans spoke out against this corrupt BS immediately and who sat on their hands and waited to see which way the wind was blowing,” responded Donald Trump Jr.

Strategist Alex Bruesewitz tweeted, “Ron DeSantis is MIA as the man who he used to “put him on the map” is being politically persecuted by a Soros funded DA in NYC. Many other Republican leaders from @SpeakerMcCarthy to even Mike Pence have spoken out and denounced this disgrace!”

Ryan Fournier, founder of Students for Trump, wrote, “Where is Ron DeSantis? Why hasn’t he denounced the political persecution of @realDonaldTrump yet?”

“So when does DeSantis say something? Curious,” tweeted Sebastian Gorka.

Phillip Buchanan, a conservative podcaster from Florida who goes by the name “Catturd” on social media, tweeted, “You know I’m 100% Trump 2024 but I still love DeSantis as my Governor – but if DeSantis doesn’t come out soon and make a bold statement against this political witch hunt against Trump – the primary is already over.”

“This is 1,000 times bigger than any Presidential primary. Our country can’t survive with this communist two-tiered justice system. I’m watching this closely to see who will stand on principle, no matter the political fallout, and who will not. This is about saving our country from the enemy from within – not one person’s political future.”

Eric Matheny, an attorney and podcaster, suggested, “Trump should remain in Florida and let New York attempt to extradite him. Ron DeSantis – using his statutory authority – can order an investigation into Manhattan’s warrant and extradition request and can deny the request.”

Political strategist Joey Mannarino from Philadelphia shared the following:

I’m not sure how many people understand this but Trump is being charged on state charges in New York – not federal charges. Trump is a resident of Florida, meaning as long as he hides out in Florida, New York doesn’t have jurisdiction.

DeSantis would have to approve of the extradition of Trump to New York. That is the Governor’s discretion. These aren’t federal charges so New York can’t just go gangbusters on Mar-A-Lago.

If DeSantis signs that extradition request, his political career as we know it would be over. He’d be worse than Pence.

If he doesn’t sign them, he becomes a hero to MAGA and possibly becomes the de facto nominee for 2024 – or mends fences with Trump and forms a unity ticket with himself as VP.

This of course assumes Trump doesn’t just turn himself in, which would be very odd for anyone to do.

Conservative media personality Stew Peters wrote, “If Ron Desantis is the conservative hero he projects himself to be, he should REFUSE to honor the arrest warrant for President-in-exile Trump and send the Florida National Guard to Mar-a-lago to ensure Trump’s protection. Period. Anything less proves Desantis is a fraud.”

Mike Cernovich posted a sample statement DeSantis should issue, saying this would be the “easiest win that DeSantis could take right now.”

The statement he wants DeSantis to issue is as follows:

Donald Trump is a citizen of Florida. A Soros-funded District Attorney who has allowed anti-Semitic violence to send new York City into a state of anarcho-tyranny is allegedly seeking to take Trump into custody on spurious charges.

I am prepared to exercise my lawful authority as Governor to examine the legality of any extradition request, to ensure that no citizen of my state will have his rights violated by vindictive prosecutors in other states.

However, author Ryan Girdusky pointed out that just days earlier, the pro-Trump Super PAC Make America Great Again Inc. filed an ethics complaint against DeSantis, accusing him of engaging in “illegal conduct” running a “shadow presidential campaign.”

Girdusky wrote, “Just three days ago the Trump Super PAC sent an election ethics complaint against DeSantis and demanded the ethics board force DeSantis to resign. Most people on this site were totally silent about the fact that the Trump campaign were trying to oust DeSantis.”

PLEASE TAKE OUR POLL – WE WANT YOUR OPINION!  Is DeSantis right or wrong to remain silent on the potential NY indictment of Donald Trump?

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    • We don’t need him to say something. It’s more valuable to watch who’s a Bush puppet vs who’s intelligent enough to understand that our system of justice is being dismantled before our eyes. I prefer truth in advertising because it’s important we all know what these politicians stand for and what the refuse to stand for. His window to say something is closed anyway. Doing it now would just upset the Bush brothers, Liz Cheney, George Soros and Adam Kinzinger.

  1. Trump has been insulting DeSantis for a few months, now he wants everyone to ride to rescue him. Perhaps wait until he is charged, and then comment. No sense to say anything till the grand jury is done.

  2. He’s wrong. I don’t expect him to do anything about extradicting Trump, but it takes two seconds to tweet “this is wrong and an abuse of power.”

    It’s worse because DeSantis is his Governor. He’s done nothing to help the J6ers, he barely said anything about the raid on MAL, and now this. If he can’t stand up for Trump, why would I expect him to stand up for me as my President?

    Idk who’s advising Ron, but this was a terrible miscalculation.

  3. Trump insults his opponents and others, and this is not his best quality. But DeSantis could take the high road and simply condemn this political and corrupt police state forming on the left. Trump is only the first. If left unchecked, the US could turn in to a banana republic. The slope is too slippery to stay silent.

    • No matter whether Trump says things about others, DeSantus needs to let Americans know he is against this political persecution style tactics, abuse of power, and election interference. He needs to realize this could happen to him if he decides to run for presidence!

  4. Is anyone criticizing any of the other Governors who have kept quiet up to this point. Maybe just Maybe he is waiting until it becomes a legit thing, rather than just some BS talk we are hearing from the fake news media. We all know how reliable they have been. If the time comes when Trump is actually arrested, I’m sure he will have something to say. It’s obvious that DeSantis is the one that everyone, who is planning on running for President, is afraid of. The man hasn’t even suggested that he is running at this point.

  5. Remember this Ron DeSantis: if they are doing this to my favorite President Trump, you will be their next target. They don’t give a fuck if you are in their way. They are evil and will NEVER stop!!!! This is history in the making and Republicans need to take a stand for INJUSTICE! Dan Bongino says it best!

    • No republican or independent who runs and wins will be safe. The filthy demo-pukes will do everything in their power to remain in power and take anyone down that isn’t part of them. They are the filth of America and are useless scumbags. Throw all of them in a plastic bag over a cliff. Not one good body part left to recycle. But at least we can recycle the plastic bag.

  6. The Bush family and ant-Trump factions are closely guiding Desantis at this time. I agree with others, he’s silent on major issues that do not support the establishment rinos. Any comments AGAINST this Banana republic shitshow hearing is something that goes against the establishment agenda against Trump. Desantis is quiet…he knows where his bread is buttered!!!

  7. Nothing wrong with staying silent until something actually happens. If Trump is indicted and he remains silent, he will have a huge problem.

    • I agree with that. This may all be a windstorm. Trump should have stayed silent about an alleged leak on being arrested. He is his own worst enemy. Most of the time I love him, but sometimes I would love to slap the crap out of him. DeSantis may just wait until an actual arrest occurs and I believe that would be wise. Why antagonize the issue before it allegedly happenes.

  8. In my opinion,this is all about what the Left wants…well played, it’s working!
    The leak may have been intentional to get the affect they wanted.

  9. you know this is where Trump puts his foot in his own mouth. He’s done nothing but attack Ron DeSantis for the last 3 to 4 months for no reason other than he is threatened by his popularity. Now he wants help and this is the reason why I don’t like Donald Trump, Biden has gave you plenty of ammunition to go after him and these radical liberal progressives but no, you choose to attack Republicans and now that the pressure is on your back you want help well too bad to sad the same thing happened with Governor Kemp, down in Georgia, and the same thing happened with a former senator from Arizona, who is no longer with us you reap what you sow do I support trump being arrested? No I do not but at the same time he brought this on himself. Sorry not sorry.

    • While I agree with a lot of what you said, Trump isn’t asking DeSantis for help. And to say he brought this upon himself is just not true. If you did what he is accused of doing with Stormy Daniels, I highly doubt you’d be arrested for him. They hate him and are terrified of him. Makes one wonder why there’s so much being done to keep him out of office.

  10. Desantis is a dumb asshole and he needs to stand behind Trump because Trump helped him to become governor, so Desantis you need to help trump otherwise you are an envious creep. And you will not become elected President

  11. I agree with Joey Mannarino. Trump and DeSantis should form a unity ticket now. DeSantis should withhold a statement until Bragg issues his indictment. If DeSantis “telegraphs his punch” now, Bragg may not indict Trump, robbing DeSantis of his great opportunity to play the role of MAGA hero and leaving Trump looking overly paranoid.

  12. This astonishingly EGREGIOUS BEHAVIOR on the parts of the Democrats especially after backing the raid on Mar-A-Lago cannot continue!!!!!

    Governor DeSantis is in the unique position of being able to do what that jackal PENCE DID NOT DO on January 6: STAND UP DEFIANTLY TO THIS attack on the rights of an American citizen!!! That this a former US President just shows there are no boundaries to how far they will flex their power if allowed to continue.

    This is not Venezuela or Cuba or Russia. DeSantis and Trump must work together to form a united front that stands against those who would rob of us all our freedoms. This is a much bigger issue than internal political rivalry.

  13. DeSantis HAS NOT SAID ONE WORD ABOUT RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT! People keep talking about it like he has said he would. Why does he owe a statement about Trump? Has anything happened yet? Would a statement stop anything – No! So, with that said, it’s probably a good idea to watch and listen before opening one’s mouth.

    Have other Governors given statements? To say, I’ll be done with DeSantis if he doesn’t say anything is JUST LIKE the funded likes of other political opponents.

    People! Calm down and give this time to evolve. DeSantis issuing a statement right now will do nothing for Trump.

  14. Trump is abrasive, but that is why so many support him. He calls it as he sees it. Sometimes he says stuff he shouldn’t,
    but you have to take the whole package. He isn’t perfect, just human.
    Desantis was a nobody before Trump’s support. Without Trump’s help, DeSantis would probably not be a governor today. DeSantis by not calling out this travesty for what it is, shows his true colors. This prosecution is bigger then Trump. It is using the power of the government to go after political opposition. Whether you love or hate Trump, this is unjust and criminal. It should be denounced by everyone who believes in this country and the rule of law.

  15. Yes, he should speak out. If Desantis is sure of who he is, “focusing on his state,’ when he was asked for a response from the media regarding Trump and comments about him, if he does not come out and defend his colleague, then it means he is happy this is happening to Trump. The same thing with Nikki. I really hope he is not a RINO.

  16. What does he need today…. Nothing, he’s working for the state of Florida and the people! Why get into this pissing match….. if something needs to be said he will when the time is right.

  17. No, stay out of this matter, has nothing to do with anything to do with the public, it’s a personal matter between the courts and this woman and weather hush $ was involved and where the $ came from.
    Keep quiet Ron, non of your business, he got himself into this mess let him figure it out

  18. Everybody seems to have their panties in a wad over this speculation by Trump. I believe DeSantis will have something to say if an indictment does materialize. Otherwise he would just be engaging in the circus.


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