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The Senate Armed Services Committee has approved language in its annual defense policy bill that would require women to register for the draft.

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) approved by the committee behind closed doors Wednesday “amends the Military Selective Service Act to require the registration of women for Selective Service,” according to a summary released Thursday.

The United States has not instituted a draft since the Vietnam War, and Pentagon officials have repeatedly said they intend to keep the force all-volunteer.

The report notes that “men ages 18 through 25 still have to register with what’s officially known as the Selective Service System or face consequences such as losing access to federal financial aid for college.”

The Daily Caller separately reported that “failure to register is considered a felony punishable by a fine of up to $250,000 and 5 years imprisonment.” Another consequence to not registering is being denied federal jobs.

The proposal to include women in the draft was authored by Senate Armed Services Chair Jack Reed, according to a Politico report. “The language proposed by Reed (D-R.I.) would expand registration for the service to “All Americans,” striking explicit references to males,” Politico wrote.

Politico said floor action on the bill will take place later this year.

Congress has reportedly been debating the issue of forcing women to register for the draft since 2016.

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    • This is 2021 not the 70’s things have changed since then. I believe the woman’s movement was the beginning of our country going further downhill.

    • It says register not mandatory but I believe all should go. Doesn’t mean they have to be in battle they can serve in many ways such as becoming a nurse being helpful and honoring our country and not sitting on the couch doing nothing or out in the streets burning flags and protesting. Not saying that is your daughter. But that is my belief they need to be strong and not in abusive relationships. Learn about other countries cultures and respect the country they were born in and that also goes for all these illegals coming in our country let them learn what it’s like to be an American.

  1. Absolutely!!! I am not a Democrat but I believe men and women should have to go into the military for Atleast 2 years and it will give them all greater respect fir our country. Israel has this law and their people are any but slaves. They are taught self defense self respect self esteem and love of country. Many more things.

  2. Who will take care of the children if both men and women are forced to go? The dems will take our kids and that is their ultimate plan!!!!

  3. I wouldn’t want a son or daughter to be sent to a war knowing what we know about the government. Let the swamp fight their wars. They won’t let the military protect our southern borders so why should young citizens fight wars in other countries.

  4. Contrary to popular belief, we are not Israel .That brainwashing is a big problem for America. Their government and I say government is no better than ours if not worse. No our daughters should not be drafted.

  5. Women yell for equal rights. So I think they should have to register for the draft. You can’t just have equal rights where it is convenient for them. You get what you yell for.

  6. I’m a patriot which makes me a white supremacist extremist and ineligible for military service in Potato’s military. It doesn’t matter what gender they draft, Potato won’t stop until our military is full of woke snowflakes having their asses handed to them by the opponents.

  7. Hey if women have equal rights to men then yes they should register for the draft there is no reason why they shouldn’t they fought for the rights of equal rights they should have to register for the draft just like every man.
    I’m a proud disabled vet and there’s no reason why they can’t and they should have to you all wanted equal rights there you go

  8. You know females are in trouble When a female started the 1000 hour playtime for children club The pathetic part is She read a book from the 1800 ‘s where the woman wrote that children needed sunshine This bimbo was shocked and excited to see children outdoors. She appeared to be in her early 30’s .
    Now you see why they need a sense of direction ? There was a time when females behaved like females And I would have said no But now All they do is try to remove anything that is male.
    At least it would stop the amount of abortions and laying on their backs dropping their drawers for anything that they desire.And the welfare would drop . All three of my sons served And their lives are just as important as your daughters. Especially daughters who hate men . Today’s females feel superior to their own moms and dads much less what they think about the man they are married too They want to be men Now let them fight for this country like men have too
    Yes they should be drafted !

  9. Most other countries require both male and female register for the draft, the women in this country bitch about equal this equal that, and how many say they want to be guys, well let then register.

  10. Most of the younger generation want equal rights so here you go, I was reading where most other countries when have to serve along with men, maybe if women had to serve their country just maybe they’ll learn to respect our country.

  11. We have had a women’s military core all the way back to WW2. It was voluntary and separate from the men. They had their jobs and the men had theirs. Much better that way.


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