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The White House on Thursday endorsed the idea of raising the legal age for Americans to purchase rifles to 21, citing President Joe Biden’s own remarks.

A CBS reporter asked White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre during the daily briefing if Biden would support raising the age required to legally purchase a gun.

“The president was very clear about this just recently when he said in his remarks just on Tuesday that it doesn’t make sense for an 18-year-old to legally buy an assault weapon,” Jean-Pierre replied.

This comes after the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas this week, in which Salvador Ramos went and purchased two guns just days after his 18th birthday, then walked into an elementary school and killed two teachers and 19 young children in a horrific massacre that has rocked the nation.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul is also pushing to raise the legal age to buy a long gun, saying in a CNN interview, “An 18-year-old can go out on their birthday and buy an assault weapon that should be used on battlefields and they can’t even buy a beer at the corner bar.”

Retired US Navy Admiral Admiral James Stavridis also said, “It sickens me to see these weapons of war available to any 18-year-old. In the US you can’t legally buy a beer until you’re 21 years old… and yet we allow 18 year olds to go out and purchase long guns.”

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  1. He was a high school drop out, quit his job at Wendy’s but had enough money to purchase 2 rifles and ammo! How did he get there if he didn’t drive and why buying 2 rifles days apart wasn’t questioned? Where did he hide them that his grandparents didn’t know he had them? Too many loose ends to this tragedy.

    • You are right AND he had expensive body armor , drove a truck which police were chasing for some reason then stopped. He wrecked it and read j
      He was outside shooting for 30 min before he just walked in the school! No officer there and door unlocked! Thousands of dollars. I think we finally have the smoking gun for all these FBI False Flags ops! Hynotized or drugged! He probably had no drivers license either and drove the truck into a tree outside the school!

  2. If a person can go and defend our country at the age of 18 then yes a person should be able to purchase a gun. It’s not the guns fault they used it for the wrong reason. It’s the person who pulled that trigger.

    • But the gun can be used by the person to do massive damage. In the military they receive a psych evaluation, training, and discipline. The same cannot be said for the average 18-year-old.

  3. I don’t see the need for an 18-year-old to own a gun. The law abiding citizen owns a gun to protect their home and family. What 18 year old fits this description

    • Plenty of people including myself when I was 18 and had plenty of friends who served in Vietnam and lost their lives at at 18 would you deny them the right to own and or purchase a gun?

      • When you entered the military, they evaluated you, trained you, and taught you to listen to a chain of command. You weren’t given a gun and told to go defend us. The average 18-year-old only knows that they have emotions they don’t understand and sadly, there is no one looking at them, guiding them, etc. If a person has been trained by the military and they want to but a gun, they should be allowed to have one. There are always exceptions. But a typical 18-year-old shouldn’t drink or have a gun. Men who choose to enlist are usually made of stiffer material and have more maturity.

        • I have to agree. Especially the 18 year olds of today. Mostly feel entitled and are fully woke. It’s a different animal now. I think there are a lot of factors and decisions that need to be made. Mental health services, school training and maybe increase the age of rifle/shotgun purchases to 21. We did it with drinking.

    • I agree Julie. Most 18-year-olds aren’t mature enough to date, pay their bills, or make good decisions in general.

    • My youngest daughter is a sharpshooter. She is an awesome and responsible person and always has been. She was so proud of herself when she turned 18 and was able to purchase her first rifle paid for with her own money. Most 18 year olds are responsible. It is the few that are not that make it a like they are all idiots and crazies.

    • Also not all 18 year olds live a city life. Many kids are hunting for food for their families. And there are a lot of 18 year olds who have a family also. They are responsible adults. There needs to be open books when doing a search on young people buying guns. No hidden juvenile records. This would keep dangerous people from buying guns before they have adult records of violence.

  4. There are a lot of people under 21 who live on their own. They have a right to protect themselves. That said, I do believe a person 21 or or older vouching for the 18 yr old is not unreasonable.

  5. CNN is busy doing it’s dirty work.

    When I was in high school, most of the pickups in the parking lot had loaded rifles mounted in the window. The problem isn’t guns.

    • No, but society IS the problem and that isn’t improving, it’s getting worse, as evidenced by your recollection. So that being the case, we need to do something about these kids with guns who want to make a name for themselves. He was teasing about it, wanted his peers to wonder what he was up to and to shock them with what he did. How do we solve that? Mental health help, more information about when and why to flag police, better police follow-up and support, and a better system for buying guns. We have to address where we are now, not where we were. A lot of kids don’t have a loving and supportive parental system who teach morals above self-love — not anymore. That in mind, we should not let dumb kids buy guns.

  6. If they can join the Army at 18 and put their lives on the line for this country, then they should be able to buy rifles, guns.

  7. This poll revealed a lot of confused people that are prey to the left’s propaganda.

    If an 18 year old can sign up to go die in the military wielding an M4 rifle then he can buy a ridle here at 18. How about put more focus on mandatory mental health evaluations and tracking of “at risk” individuals.

  8. If our Gov can ask a 18 year old to go fight and die on foreign soil for our country. Then yes they should be allowed to buy any legal firearms for hunting and protection. It’s not a gun problem, it’s a mental health and moral problem that’s been swept under the rug for far too long!

    • That’s bullshit. MOST 18 year-olds are NOT in the military, and currently, there is no draft. If they’re in the military, THEN they can buy a gun. Until then, KIDS should not be allowed to buy guns.

    • This thread is not about owning guns…it is specific to rifles…long guns as described…but of course if u listen to the clueless at CNN they are assault weapons…an “assault weapon” is any weapon used to assault someone…a knife or a fist could be used to assault someone…but u don’t see anyone going around calling them assault weapons…do u?…

  9. Every gun I have purchased I had to do a background check. The problem is not the gun. It is proper background checks. An 18 year old with a record as a minor that is not available because he was under 18 at the time is a problem doesn’t pop up in the check. Everyone with record whether a minor or not should have that record come up in a background search. To punish all 18 year olds for the ones that do not obey our laws is wrong.

    • That makes sense – improving the background check system. But that is harder to do. It’s easier to raise the age to 21 so that there are years (18-21) of adult evidence of illegal activity. If they made a dumb decision in their teens but have cleaned up and act respectable as adults, their record as a minor shouldn’t come into play. But f they keep doing dumb stuff, there is available record and no gun.

  10. I see no reason an 18 year old can not purchase a gun or anyone buying a gun, provided that all first time buyers finish and get a certificate for gun awareness and safety course. Learn correctly how to handle it and use it. Right to bare arms was not for hunting purposes as I read it. There is a reason liberal and socialist and communist politicians want to strip law abiding level headed citizens of they’re rights to bare arms. And it’s not murderess scum with a gun.

  11. At 18 it should be mandatory that they do a gun safety course and pass and at that time I trained instructor can evaluate should this individual go for further testing for mental capacities and to the New York governor and AR-15 has never been on the battlefield and never will… Those two guns were purchase days apart that should have been a red flag.. and they should have held the second weapon since he wasn’t 18 at the time just days from being they could have asked for a parent or guardian to come in sighting because he did buy the first gun.

  12. If the government can enlist you into the military and put a gun in your hand that is actually a assault weapon because they are fully automatic then it should be legal to purchase a semiautomatic rifle at that age. They keep pushing the assault weapon tag on the semiautomatic weapons but yet under the FBI records keeping that knives, hammers, bats kill more people annually than guns. That can’t regulate around the key components of the 2A such as shall not be infringed. No executive order, no law/regulations past by Congress cannot get around it because yes Mr president, the 2A is absolute and only another amendment can change it and you don’t have that support required from the states or Congress.

  13. Honestly if your old enough to die for your country, you should be able to buy a firearm. Maybe better background checks!

  14. It doesn’t matter what the age requirements are, if someone really wants to hurt others then they going to. They will find away to get the weapon one way or another. What we need to do is focus on getting these individuals the help that they need if they are depressed or have substance abuse problem.

  15. Why isn’t someone asking where he got the $ to buy these guns? No one in media has asked or answered that I’ve seen!

  16. If they don’t have a job and are out of school, and they want a gun at age18 then they should join the service.

  17. The issue isn’t whether an 18-year old should be able to purchase any gun, it is whether or not the individual in possession of that gun has the mental capacity to possess that gun!

    If an 18-year old can serve his/her country, and die for his/her country, why should they be limited in their ability to purchase a gun?

    We have people in Congress who think that 16-year old citizens should have the right to vote, while some (including those in Congress) think the legal age to possess a drivers license should be raised to 18.

    We could argue on and on.

    While I don’t own any sort of gun, I’m a staunch supporter of our Constitution, and that includes our 2nd Amendment.

    And, finally, Democrats (and, I’m sure members of other parties, including Republicans) always scream at the top of their lungs, “We need common sense gun laws!” I’m wondering 2 things in response, 1) Who decides the definition of ‘common sense?’ and 2) Listening to these people screaming leads me to believe, they don’t even have ANY common sense.

    • Love your message! We had guns in our house while raising 3 daughters. When they were young teens, they took a gun safety course offered by our local gun club. They went on to marry men who also had guns in the house and were taught gun safety. Nobody killed another person. It is another case of parental responsibility. Parents do little to no parenting these days. Violent movies and games makes it look like fun to kill others. Bulling online is rising. Confusing kids on gender identity, CRT are two programs hurting our kids. The liberal agenda is hurting our kids. The lack of accountability in our children is hurting them. I’m afraid if this country doesn’t wake up soon, we are a doomed nation

  18. This is simple. If you can sign up to serve in the military to serve your country, you are old enough to be a gun owner! How many lives of 18 year olds are in the grave because they were in at least theory defending our freedom! On this Memorial Day weekend we remember the 18year olds as well who gave all!

  19. I realize that when you’re 18 you can enlist in the military and go to war but it is under a controlled environment. You are taught how to use a lethal firearm. In my opinion it’s quite a bit different then any 18 year old person off the street buying a lethal weapon.

  20. If he can vote and join the army he can buy a gun and he can buy an alcoholic beverage. This is ok.

    Raise all four to 21, and I’m ok with that. Raise it to 30, and we’ll be fine, too.

    Bar those from voting who don’t pay taxes, and we have a winner!

  21. I believe we need to bring back psychiatric
    Hospitals. The gun is not the problem. The person doing the killing is

  22. I feel a person is only mature enough at the age of 25 to purchase a gun. Any kind of gun. Gun should not be laying around our homes!! Children should be taught that guns are dangerous!!!!!! There was not a gun ever in my home until my father in law died. My husband’s grandfather was a deputy and was willed the gun. We always kept the gun in a safe place. Our daughter never knew where the gun was. My husband had mental problems and after a couple of years he gave the gun to his sister. My husband had now passed away. No is in my house.

  23. Their argument is they’re not old enough to buy a beer. However, they are old enough to be drafted into the military in the case of war.

  24. If you can enlist in military service at 18, then you can buy gun at 18. People need to stop talking about the guns! We need guns for self-defense against criminals and against abusive government. Criminals will always find a way to obtain the weapons of their choice. If you think about it, most of these problems have occurred over time since the time they took prayer out of schools, and they took the Bible and God out of schools. We can’t expect anything different when we remove the grounding force for any successful society and that is God’s love and his teachings about the value of human life, respect for self and others, and his presence to help us through all things.

  25. So many factors go into these decisions.If a boy, man of any age regardless of its legal or not wants a gun for any reason they will get one. Legal or not. Again we just chase our tails. The people of the USA have a right to bare arms. The sad part of all this is some will always try to take them. Not gonna happen, there are way too many. That’s what keeps us being a free country. All the evil can not be stopped but we all have a way to protect ourselves against it. Crime at your house committed? The police usually show up in time to clean up the mess and write a report. The rape the shooting the break in has already happened. Our police have a lot to keep up with and even more with their hands tied. God Bless America!!

  26. All you idiots 41 percent so far really need to pull your head out of your ass…IT IS OK FOR THESE 18 Y/O ‘S TO HOLD A RIFLE AND FIGHT ON A WAR??? WAKE UP

    • My thoughts exactly! How can we say they can’t have a gun until they are 21? Do they join the service and never use a gun? It is not the gun…’s the sick country

  27. An 18 year old can be called to the military if there is a shortage. They can also decide to change their gender, cut off and add on parts to their bodies. Or simply decide to call themselves a different gender. If we are allowing them to do these things, which call for maturity then they should be allowed to purchase guns.

    I think also with the. addition of background check on a city, county, state and federal level, there should be a requirement to check social media for things such as this individual posted and a list of medication verified and signed by doctor… important for mental illness.

  28. The age to buy a gun should be raised to 21 AFTER they have received in person instruction and training and practice with a certificate, on ALL aspects of owning and using a gun. Also our government, teachers, and society need to go back to the COMMON SENSE!! that males & females ARE are created in the womb by GOD born that way. ITS NOT A MISTAKE!! It’s ERROR and a MISTAKE to believe anything else!!! Males grow up male with all normal male characteristics. Females grow up female with all female characteristics. They need to live out their lives the gender GOD made them. GOD will help them in every and any way, It’s His will. The amount Of deviation from the norm is unusual and minimal. The first step for a person with that medical problem is prayers to the GOD who made them,for guidance, then a medical doctor that practices TRUTH in medicine, along with a minister, A psychologist and psychiatrist that know and practice their speciality in the truth as well. They Can help the person to normalcy. YES IT CAN BE DONE! GOD doesn’t EVER make mistakes! We human beings do. Back to the guns. Age 21 is better because a person is older and just by that fact hopefully, they will have learned more about life what matters, what is safe, and make better decisions. The evil practice of trying to emasculate males in our society is WRONG & AWFUL!! CAUSING PROBLEMS!!!!!! Males need to be respected and honored for what and who they are (just the same for females).
    HELLO…….There is Nothing whatsoever wrong with being a male and Nothing whatsoever wrong with being a female. Our Country and society need to get back to, celebrating and cultivating Marriage and Family and Good Moral’s and Loving Our Neighbors.GOD help us!!!! to get back to the TRUTH!! and give us the strength and ability to do it! Time is running out!! Our President in his recent speeches say’s “ for GOD sake” over and over. Seeking the GOD of Heaven and earth is not for HIS sake, it’s for ours!!!! We ALL, including our President need to actually seek the LORD, find out about Him and what He wants for our lives and our Country. 🙏✝️

  29. Can the government put a automatic gun in an 18 yo young man’s hand send him to another country to kill for the government agendas? The constitution stands for all the lives lost defending it…it isn’t just a piece of paper… all I’m saying 🇺🇸🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱 Texas Strong 💪

  30. Something is wrong with this whole picture! How was the boy able to afford these weapons? He didn’t know how to drive, so who took this boy to buy them? How did no one know he had them? These questions need to be asked!

  31. Also, if a 18 year old can sign up to fight for our country then they should be able to buy a rifle. If you up the age to buy a gun then you need to up the age that they can serve in the military.

  32. 18 is the legal age for adulthood. You can sign contracts, serve on juries, be tried as an adult, join the military and use multimillion dollar weapons, you can take out hundreds of thousands in student loans!
    The constitution doesn’t have an exemption for rights based on age.
    The same people arguing to raise the age to 21 because 18-20 year olds are too immature to purchase a gun, are the very same people who believe a 5 year old can choose their gender and a 12 year old girl can obtain an abortion without her parents permission!

  33. Thank you JIMMIE! You proposed provocative questions.
    The question is much more complex than it seems. It still feels like the moral fiber of our country, as it was established in 1776 with the constitution, has rotted away. Most people at that time believed in God, the Bible, prayer, and moral values. Even if they didn’t consider themselves church goers, or faithful Christians, & even if they strayed. They believed it was the foundation of truth, & believed in all of our country’s laws, & personal accountability & responsibility! These ideals & questions must be addressed.

  34. Can’t buy alcohol, tobacco, or now a firearm (proposed) but you can still vote and determine the fate of over 350 million citizens. This makes sense.

  35. A person doesn’t reach adult maturity until 25-35. No drinking or buying guns until 21. Also they WILLINGLY join the service .

  36. You want to raise the age to buy guns to 21 fine. But raise the voting age, raise the draft for military service. Frankly I prefer we lower the age for everything, including healthcare, to 18 and also make them responsible for their mistakes and debts. Also not suuport for illegals after the age of 18. That’s how it was when I was 18.


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