POLL: Should Canada be held responsible for the wildfires?

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Intense wildfires in Canada have led to poor air quality levels across North America, prompting authorities to advise millions of people to wear N95 masks when outdoors.

New York has announced plans to distribute free masks to its residents starting on Thursday. Canada has also recommended wearing masks for individuals who cannot stay indoors. The smoky conditions are anticipated to extend beyond New York, affecting other regions along the East Coast.

Officials have cautioned that these hazardous conditions are expected to persist throughout the weekend. With that said, should Canada be held responsible for the impact the wild fires are wreaking on New York City and other U.S. areas? Some have questioned if the fires were made naturally or if they were manmade.

Take our poll below; if you believe they should be held accountable, comment how you believe that accountability should be handled, considering the health danger these wildfires are now posing to Americans:

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