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Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is being pulled from the shelves of several supermarket chains in New York since the company announced its plans to boycott Jewish settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, according to a report.

Since Ben & Jerry’s announced their plans Monday to boycott “Occupied Palestinian Territory” when its local franchise’s license runs out in December 2022, several supermarket chains that have also announced their plans to start pulling the ice cream company’s products off its shelves in New York, according to World Israel News.

Seasons, an upscale kosher supermarket chain located in New York and New Jersey, sent a message to customers Monday. They said, “Seasons has removed all Ben and Jerry’s products from all its stores as a result of the ice cream maker’s decision to cease sales in parts of Israel. We stand with Israel. Always.”

The report states that Morton Williams Supermarkets board of directors has decided to “reduce the Ben & Jerry’s products it sells in its 16 stores by 70 percent.” Their stores will also stop promoting the ice cream company in the weekly circulars and put the products in the “least desirable locations” of the stores.

PLEASE TAKE OUR POLL BELOW – WE WANT YOUR OPINION!  Do you agree with these supermarkets’ decision?  Should more supermarkets pull Ben & Jerry’s ice cream from their shelves over the Israel boycott?

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Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu slammed the ice cream company over their boycott of Israel, tweeting, “Now we Israelis know which ice cream NOT to buy.”

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  1. I voted yes but really doesn’t matter to me. I never purchase their product. Too expensive. I doubt it’s worth the price. Just don’t buy it.

  2. No they shouldn’t, however, it is up to the consumer to not buy it. In my mind, forcing people not to choose not to buy it, is just the same as pulling it out of Israel. I do support the idea, but we as consumers need to choose.

    Btw, I disagree with the ice cream not being tasty. It’s amazing but overpriced. My opinion. Thx.

  3. Here’s an idea, just sell ice cream. Skip the soap box, it is a real turn off. I want to buy a good product, not a cause.

  4. The minute Ben & Jerry’s supported the Defund the Police bandwagon is when we said NO MORE! My brother is a police officer and the news that B & J wanted to Defund the Police…all the officers said NO MORE Ben & Jerry’s either! We used to buy a pint or 2 every other week! We haven’t and won’t ever AGAIN!

  5. Why do we care about Israel? It’s very simple, God says repeatedly in the Bible that if you’re against Israel you’re against God. Any country that has come up against Israel has lost, they’re God’s people and he will always defend them. The Democratic Party is always against Israel, that should tell you something. I don’t understand how Christians can vote Democratic when they’re against Israel and they support abortion. So we always support and pray for Israel!

  6. ben &jerry’s (the little leftists socialists) ice cream has not graced our freezer for over a year. We are boycotting their over-priced slop permanently.

  7. Why should supermarkets pull Ben & jerry’s? Isn’t this america? Don’t they have the right to run their company the way they want to and believe in what they want to? And boycott the persecution the Israelis are inflicting on the Palestinians? The Israelis don’t want you to forget about the Holocaust, but what are they doing to the Palestinian people?

  8. Ben & Jerry better pay attention to who buys their ice cream, I think they will soon regret their statement!
    Isreal is GODS people , You don’t want GOD to deal with you ,I will not buy another thing from Ben & Jerrys ,, A lot of people feel the same way !

  9. Ben And Jerry’s used Cindy Sheehan to destroy George Bush they paid for her trips to camp outside of his Crawford Texas Home Dumb Cindy thought she had friends But when she ran for office they dropped her like a skunk. That’s what these haters of America do They find stupid saps to use then get rid of them when they have helped them achieve the destruction of someone or something Sound like the democrats criminals

  10. I quit eating their ice cream a month or so ago when I first heard about what they were doing. I loved their ice cream. But I am thankful now as I have found a awesome ice cream I like even better! Thank you Ben and Jerry’s!

  11. What supermarkets do is up to them. Just do not buy the stuff and the supermarkets will decide accordingly, or waste freezer space.


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