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The Republican National Committee has told the Commission on Presidential Debates that it intends to make GOP presidential candidates commit to boycotting its events in the future, escalating an ongoing rift between the two organizations that percolated during the 2020 election cycle.

RNC officials sent a letter Thursday to the independent and bipartisan body, which has overseen general election presidential debates for more than three decades, stating the party plans to change its rules and require candidates seeking the Republican nomination to vow not to participate in debates held by the commission.

The article goes on to state the following:

Republicans have complained in recent years that the commission is biased against GOP candidates. That dissatisfaction came to a head in 2020, after a series of clashes between the commission and then-President Donald Trump and his allies.

During both the 2016 and the 2020 presidential elections, many conservatives noted that the moderators chosen for the debates were mostly liberal or left-leaning, and clearly appeared to favor the Democrat candidates.

RNC head Ronna McDaniel said in a letter on Wednesday, “The RNC has a duty to ensure that its future presidential nominees have the opportunity to debate their opponents on a level playing field,” and vowed to “take every step to ensure that future Republican presidential nominees are given that opportunity elsewhere.”

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After the RNC’s announcement on Thursday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki taunted, “What are Republicans so afraid of??”

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  1. These debates have been uncovered as being 100% biased against Republicans. Cutting off microphones, giving prepared questions to Democrat candidates, throwing softball questions to the Democrat candidate makes the debate worthless.

    Boycott it and present reasonable fair demands to amend their process. If they dont want to concede to amended rules, tell them to shove it and go hold a town hall meeting fielding questions from citizens.

  2. I actually think democrats should be banned from running in the future after the 2020 election fiasco. They violate the laws and don’t follow the constitution. They also cheat.

  3. Republicans have always been the most stupid people to ever set up a debate. When setting up the debates They always get the worst people who are totally for the democrats To ask the questions And it’s the republicans who pick them It appears they want to lose. I won’t watch another attack
    I quit watching those pathetic attacks years ago All set up by the republicans themselves to make their own candidate look like and absolute fool.
    I pray that Americans who will actually vote for an America who works for America And not just lip service. That’s all they have done If the democrats don’t stop us from ever having another one All with With compliments of the republicans
    “””””Let’s go John Wick””””
    This is a manly response. Let’s go Brandon sounds like a wussie

  4. The Repubs should boycott debate only if Dems do not comply with their request.
    My question is, could an unbiased scheduled debate even exists? The previous debate questions seem to only fit what the Democrats want to discuss while ignoring the major issues that they have screwed up!

  5. Since 98% of what dementia joe said in the debates has turned out to be a crock of crap – the debates are worthless!


  6. I believe that the conservative voices should be heard. If nothing else it will give witness to the off the wall and unconditional actions of the democrats. They have away of shooting themselves in the foot when opening their mouths to show their disrespect to written laws with their do over practices.

  7. The debates don’t serve any purpose any more. They have been corrupt all along.
    Biden spent most of his time in the basement in his home in Delaware.

    Media is with the democrats so I wouldn’t give them the ratings.


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