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Amid Russia’s escalating war on Ukraine, calls are growing – from BOTH sides of the aisle – for the United States to stop buying oil from Russia.

Many are noting that by buying Russian oil, the U.S. is literally funding the war on Ukraine.

Fox News reports: Congressional Republicans blasted President Biden for putting restrictions on domestic oil production while paying millions for Russian oil imports.

Ahead of the president’s first State of the Union address Tuesday, House Republicans said Biden has given Russian President Vladimir Putin leverage by canceling the Keystone XL pipeline and freezing new oil and gas leases, while paying for Russian oil.

“Just look at some of the steps that President Biden took since he’s been president that have given leverage to Vladimir Putin and put billions of dollars in his pocket to finance this war against Ukraine,” GOP Whip Steve Scalise said at a news conference ahead of the State of Union address.

The United States and allies have announced new sanctions against the Central Bank of Russia and removed certain banks from the SWIFT financial system, but the new measures spare Russia’s oil and natural gas exports.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy demanded last week, “The United States must replace Russian energy with American energy independence & accelerating energy exports to our allies. American strength deters our adversaries, and our response to Putin’s unprovoked war against Ukraine demands American leadership.”

On Tuesday, McCarthy doubled down, tweeting, “A year ago, we were energy independent and a net exporter of energy for the first time in 50 years. This administration has increased its daily reliance on Russian oil by 34%. Shameful.”

Rep. Stephanie Bice (R-Okla.) tweeted, “We purchased nearly 250 million barrels of oil and petroleum providing nearly $18 billion for Russia in 2021. We must go back to what we know best — producing reliable energy for this nation — and stop lining the pockets of Russian oligarchs and Putin.”

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Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wa.) introduced the American Energy Independence from Russia Act.

“We shouldn’t be buying a single barrel of oil from Russia!” she declared.

“The U.S. must stop buying Russian oil,” Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Az.) said.

“Let this sink in: Putin gets over $1 BILLION a day from Russian oil to fund his invasion… Biden must end his war on American energy production so we can cut off Putin’s funding,” announced Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.).

“WATCH: It makes no sense at all for the United States to be buying millions of barrels of Russian oil and other petroleum products while Russia attacks the free and sovereign nation of Ukraine. That’s why I’m calling on @POTUS to immediately stop all imports from Russia,” declared Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.V.).

“The entire economy of Russia depends on the oil and gas sector. How about this idea? Shut it off. Don’t buy Russian oil and gas. Produce more American oil and gas,” tweeted Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.).

Even Canada has banned all imports of Russian crude oil, in addition to other sanctions against Russia.

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  1. To the 3.33% who voted no, I hope you have a fit a minute because you can’t afford food when the prices go up, you can’t afford gas when it goes up, you cant afford clothing when it goes up, and when the cost of medicine goes up! When everything you use on a daily basis goes up!!! Remember, you are part of the problem!!!

  2. Biden stopped the keystone pipeline to enrich the pockets of his buddies that own the trucking and rail companies, not to help the American people. Biden avoids sanctions on Russian oil to continue to fill the pockets of his friends. Any US oil company and BP can say no to Russia, but they are in the greed line. If Biden did not shut down the pipeline and give the go ahead to Putin with his pipeline, the current story in America and the world would be very different. We can go
    back to HRC selling uranium to Russia. She was a major contributor to this mess.

  3. Why is our country willfully trading with ANY country that is hostile to us or any of our allies?

    Russia, China, Iran, North Korea et al should never have access to our markets until such time as they’ve demonstrated that they are worthy of that access. They, certainly, haven’t proven they are.

    Our President needs to grow a set!

    It boggles the mind.

  4. Not unless we want to see gasoline go to $10 per gallon. Now if we open up our pipelines and start drilling again, then yes but if the dunces in charge still want to close off everything then no, you keep getting the oil. OPEC has already said they won’t up production. When inflation hits 15% the 93% in this poll who said yes, I think will change their minds.

  5. I voted yes especially since we can and did produce our own during the Trump administration. The Democrats don’t want that. They’d rather fund Russia’s war. 🤬

  6. You needed a HELL YES option. The weak sanctions put on Russia and a few banks supposedly to hurt them and then we give them money? The elites really think that we’re all as dumb as a turnip! We’ve got fossil fuels here that would cost us WAY less AND we’d be able to supply European countries!

  7. Don’t forget everybody Biden is not running this country it’s obama. The things that are happening now are exactly what happened when Obama wasn’t office he hated America and he still hates America. This is his third term that he wished he was going to have. Obama should be thrown in jail and tried for treason with what he’s doing to America today and the rest of biden’s lopsided asshole administration should also be thrown in jail

    When are the Americans going to rise up and say enough is enough? I’m ready to do it how do we begin it

  8. Only an Idiot would stop the Keystone pipeline as President, but you know who’s dumber, you people who voted for an old man with cognitive issues. He had problems when he was younger, but now he’s a disgrace. What the hell were you people thinking ???

  9. Concurrently, open up the Keystone XL pipeline!! If we stop buying their oil and don’t open up the pipeline, our country will come to a standstill…as gas prices soar past $10/gallon!! 😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬

  10. We can not stop buying oil from Russia until we open up thepipe lines here in the USA. We are now oil dependent and we will stay that way I
    Until President Trump is re-elected. Our borders will also stay wide open until President Trump is re-elected. This was Biden’s intention all along to destroy America

  11. Putin and Biden are the same regime. Biden has done nothing good for this country. I hope the democrats never hold another office. Even the democrat state of Illinois police say if anyone goes to cheer on the freedom truckers that they may be arrested. I hope the truckers shut this country down for the democrats stupidity. That would make all the welfare career people complain. My 2 cents worth


  13. One point of clarification. Prior to 2020, Canada did purchase Russian crude oil. However, in 2020 Canada purchased $0 of Russian crude oil and in 2021 $0 of Russian crude oil. At this point, the Trudeau government has only banned importing something that isn’t imported anyway – it may as well have been a ban on green shoelaces. Canada did purchase petroleum products from Russia in 2020 and 2021 (refined etc) – but those aren’t banned at this point (Mar 1).

  14. I didn’t hear one peep out of these senators when Biden/Obama shut down the keystone xl pipeline why are they now piping up? Why didn’t you all raise a ruckus when it happened? I was wondering why no one said anything! You knew what was going to happen! Speaking up when it happens not 6 months later would have helped

  15. Is Joe Biden senile or just plain stupid? Joe Biden’s actions against Trump’s economy made Trump look like a double Genius. If we hadn’t had a fraudulent election Joe Biden would still be in his basement. We know the Dems are cheating because of their extreme hatred of Photo Voter ID.

    • I believe the first actions of Biden in the Oval office to totally shut down U.S.A. oil and natural gas production and shut down the Keystone Pipeline was to repay past favors from Russia, aka checks to his Son Hunter. What for, we do not yet know? Biden then began purchasing Russia’s filthy oil which puts far more carbon into our air than the oil coming out of the USA. Why has this never been investigated? Is there some reason that our neighbors Canada and Mexico would have been a better producer of oil for the USA since Biden has to pay Homage, bow and scrape to the Squats and King Bernie while he shuts off the USA oil to the entire USA.


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