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Conservatives across the nation are still reeling in outrage and bewilderment after six of the beloved Dr. Seuss books were suddenly banned and yanked from all stores, including Amazon, as they were deemed “racist” and “offensive.”

However, another children’s book has also come to light that has many people outraged as well.  An Amazon listing of the book says it was originally published in October 2019.  “The GayBCs” teaches children the alphabet, using LGBTQ terms. Some examples:

  • C is for “coming out.”
  • D is for “drag.”
  • G is for “gay.”
  • I is for “intersex.”
  • L is for “lesbian.”
  • N is for “non-binary.”
  • O is for “orientation.”
  • Q is for “queer.”
  • T is for “trans.”

A video has surfaced recently of a woman reading the book to a little boy.

PLEASE TAKE OUR POLL BELOW – WE WANT YOUR OPINION! Is “The GayBCs” child abuse? Should this book be banned?

If you cannot see the poll, click here.

After taking our poll, feel free to discuss this in the comments section below.

Another video posted on YouTube last year shows a woman reading the book, providing additional context with each letter.

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  1. I wouldn’t call the book “abusive”. It is definitely in poor taste. I don’t think it should be pulled from the shelves because this is My Country. Free to have my opinion and free to read whatever I choose. To pull it makes me no better than the communist people that pulled Dr. Suess off the shelves.

    • You would be fine with your child’s kindergarten teacher reading this book to the class? You do know if it is on the shelf, they will read it to them. Sorry I won’t..smh

  2. Just watching the video I observe this boy has sensory issues hence the finger movement. Perhaps autistic but nonetheless kudos for literacy, but hey there’s no litmus test to procreate so what the hell

  3. So these stupid ass parents that are teaching their kids the GayBCs, are they going to explain what each of the words mean? You know when you do ABCs A is for apple you’re teaching what an apple is. B is for, well I guess it can’t be for boy anymore so it has to be for Bumblebee, you teach him what a bumblebee is. C is for cat and you’re teaching what a cat is D is for dog and you teach what a dog is and what it does..bow-wow, When it comes to Q it could be for queen or could be for queer. now are you going to explain to your six-year-old kid what a queer is a d what it does
    This may not be considered child abuse. But why on Earth would any responsible parent want to confuse their child. Kids can figure out what all this stuff is after they at least reach puberty. They don’t have to understand what all this other crap is. There’s enough confusion being a child without totally brainwashing them and confusing them. Like these parents ask their toddler if they want to be a boy or girl. Frankly I do think it is mental and emotional abuse. Because they’re only going to cause hell and Havoc for their children to have to deal with what they are and what mommy or daddy wants them to be. Do you want to teach your kids something try reading the Bible. All the answers are in there.

    • Children learning to read should not be subjected to sexual/sexuality terms. You would have to explain to the child that a queer or lesbian is someone who enjoys sex with the same gender. Why introduce sex/sexuality to young children learning to read/learning phonics like that? It borders on child porn and/or child abuse/indoctrination in my opinion!

  4. Frankly the book should not be banned, but it should not be in schools or on the curriculum or on the Presidents read list. If parents wish to buy that’s their choice. You only represent less than 1% of the nation, so stop shoving this down societies throat.

  5. I think it’s more confusion then they need and a form of mental abuse, there is no reason to shove this down these poor babies throats, they have plenty of time when their older to learn this garbage and to be honest this right here is why parents need to be involved in their children’s education so when you see this kind of garbage you yank them out of that school and start home schooling or find a good Christian school, it’s up to all the parents to start standing up for their children before it’s to late.

    • Too bad a lot of parents believe this crap and Incourage their 3yr Olds to question their sex…and now you have a biden pick for education guru who is pushing this crap to be taught in kindergarten

  6. I don’t believe in banning books but it should not be in schools if crazy parents or freaks want it I guess destroy your kid but keep it private. The only way this book would sell is if public schools buy it it’s trash and parents need to get involved. I was a room Mom when my kids where in elementary School and involved in middle and High School for my kids if more parents volonteer in schools they won’t do it in your schools.

  7. This is not about educational curriculum for children. This is plain and simple shoving down the throats of Christians and Conservatives your liberal ideology. Hey look what we are doing to your child. And there is not a damn thing you can do about it because the liberals run the country. If you say anything you are a racist, terrorist, homophobe and we will utterly destroy any credibility you have in society.

  8. I am a great grandmother and children learn to be racist from the adults they are around. That is true for all races.

  9. brain dead liberal idiots are you kidding me you liberal want to teach gay crap to kids not mine you are idiots and need your head examined stop pushing your dumb crap on other people just because you are confused you want others to be

  10. brain dead liberal idiots are you kidding me you liberal want to teach gay crap to kids not mine you are idiots and need your head examined stop pushing your dumb crap on other people just because you are confused you want others to be

  11. It’s high time to flip the script and give them a taste of their own medicine. We should mount a email campaign to Amazon and our elected officials calling for the authors of this book and others like it to come out and explain to the everyday public why they wrote such trash and exactly how it benefits society at large. Amazon should also be quizzed as to why they promote this book over Dr. Susse classics. Do you want a generation of confused messed up adults so you can control them easily?

  12. I showed this video with my openly Gay sister this was her response: this is disgusting. She also stated that this is programming your child. This is completely unacceptable and yes this book should be banned. A is for Apple, B is for boy, C is for Cat( in the hat),D is for Dog, E is for egg, F is for FREEDOM, G is for Girl, do you get my drift? This should not be allowed on the shelves. I will not stand for our children to be programmed at that age they are little sponges I find this absolutely appalling.

  13. So, now instead of singing the ABCs forward thinking idiots children will be singing the GAY BCs!!! Sorry, I find it DISGUSTING! What’s this world coming to?

  14. It’s not child abuse but I would never read it to my daughter. If she’s leaning her abc’s she’s no where near old enough to understand alternative lifestyles’ she barely understands the dynamic of mom and dad yet. This is sickening.

  15. I don’t believe any book should be banned, but any book that teaches children about sex should not be available or promoted in elementary schools. As for sex education in general, I believe this should be left up to the parents to teach, but at the very least, parental permission should be required and a detail of agenda be provided.


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