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A new Reuters-Ipsos poll released on Wednesday revealed that many of the top issues Democrat politicians are focusing on are not the top issues most Americans are really concerned about.

The survey announces, “U.S. President Joe Biden’s public approval rating fell for a fourth straight week to 36% matching its lowest level last seen in late May.”

The survey included responses from 1,002 adults, including 435 Democrats and 379 Republicans.

As the January 6 Committee continues to hold televised hearings, Politico national correspondent Betsy Woodruff Swan revealed in an NBC News interview this week that at least two Democrats have admitted to her privately that Americans don’t really “give a bleep” about January 6th.

Instead, Swan said, Americans are concerned about how to pay their mortgages and how they’re going to afford to buy groceries.

PLEASE TAKE OUR POLL BELOW – WE WANT YOUR OPINION!  What are the top issues you are concerned about in America today?

If you cannot see the poll, click here.

WATCH: Reporter says Democrats in Congress admitted ‘nobody gives a bleep about Jan. 6’

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  1. I’m not taking the poll because it states plural what issues are you concerned about? I’m concerned about more than one and they are all equally very concerning. Gun control immigration economy just those three are infuriating me right now.

  2. Since I could only choose 1 category, I started with immigration. Closing the borders would help alleviate some of our other problems too.

  3. I agree with Kim. So much is going wrong with our country it is hard to pick just ne. I chose economy because I healings we are headed to a depression in our country if our government doesn’t make some wise choices. Several of the choices were related to the economy like immigration and education and health care. Nothing we can do about other peoples morals. And God destroyed civilizations that sacrificed their children so that is a big concern also.

  4. I agree with Kim. It did not say choose three. I selected crime,economy, and immigration. But I noticed when I made an additional choice,it erased others I had selected. It was worded top choices not top choice.

  5. If they had an equal number of Democrats and Republicans on a “poll” we might find out what his popularity rating really is. These freakishly stupid poll makers are all Demotards. Better yet, let’s do one with that many more Republicans.

  6. I chose other because I can’t just choose one. There’s too many concerns and if “people” was one of them, that would be my #1 concern. I guess that could go under morality, but The people of America concern me. Ever since this election people have gone crazy, delusional, and just plain manipulated. Other than that, all the options concern me for our future and the future of my child

  7. Wish I could have voted for more than one because I am concerned about many of these issues. However I chose Morality because I feel many of the problems in America today are rooted in the lack there of. If fact it was one of the founding principles of our Constitutional Republic. A free people cannot survive under a Republican Constitution unless they remain virtuous and morally strong.

  8. Crime including Biden’s administration. The corruption that is allowing everything to spike which will cause crime to spike more. Rising cost of everything. Government agencies letting criminals roam free. Trying to take weapons away from law abiding citizens. A powder keg set to go off. The movie trilogy of “Purge” coming to life.

  9. Kiss my ass biden you pos never elected legally…nobody in right mind would put you office. Crook and dumb all your life

  10. The world is so upside down right now everything infuriated me! In our country I would say the border problem and the economy and the nitwits in our government who love criminals and let them get away with crime! Just two many things wrong no one can name Just one!

  11. Well, I listed immigration because I could only pick one. I would have chosen:
    1) economy / inflation
    2) immigration
    3) gas / energy issues


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