POLL: What should the age limit be for running for president?

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The question of whether Joe Biden’s age makes him too old to seek a return to high office in 2024 has been a topic of discussion. Hillary Clinton, a two-time unsuccessful presidential candidate, acknowledged that his age presents a challenge.

Speaking at the Financial Times Weekend Festival in Washington, Clinton, who is 75, addressed concerns about the 80-year-old president’s fitness for office. According to Fox News, she stated that Biden’s age is indeed an issue, and people have the right to consider it when assessing his candidacy.

The discussion around Biden’s age was prompted when FT editor Edward Luce pointed out Biden’s difficulty negotiating a simple flight of stairs during the G-7 summit in Hiroshima, Japan.

Crooked Hillary expressed her hope that Biden remains focused and able to compete in the election, as she believes he can be re-elected. Her remarks came almost a month after Biden announced his plans to run for reelection in 2024, following weeks of speculation.

Notably, Joe Biden is the oldest president in American history and will turn 81 on Election Day.

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