POLL: Who do you trust the LEAST on this list?

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DMLNewsApp and TeamDML.com founder Dennis Michael Lynch has a special request for our poll today.

DML really wants your input on this issue.

Who do you trust the LEAST on the following list:

  • Mainstream Media
  • Federal Government Agencies (CDC, FDA, FBI, DOJ, etc.)
  • Think Tanks with outside funding
  • U.S. Congress
  • Lobbyists
  • Big Tech
  • I trust NONE of them equally
  • I trust them ALL equally

PLEASE CAST YOUR VOTE IN THE POLL BELOW. Then share your feedback in the comments section at the end of this article.

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  1. All outsiders of MAGA, can you see how paranoid everyone in MAGA is toward every institution in America? This poll mirrors exactly how 1930s Nazi Germany attitudes were prior to WWll.
    Here is another example why I have said countless times that MAGA is dangerous to our party and need kicked out of the GOP.
    The fact remains that the institution of America’s fabric is still very much intact.
    The country is not falling apart. It has its challenges, to be sure. But to have it remain standing when communists are influencing the Democrat Party and MAGA Nazis are influencing the Republican Party, speaks very well of it republic. It is still a na of laws.
    The true threat to the country is lobbyists, and not having term limits. Lobbyists buy their legislation through influence peddling and the longer politicians stay in power, the greater the chance they will become corrupt.
    Trumpster divers know this as every other American and they still vote the same people in over and over.
    Trumpster divers will be well-served to remind themselves of what British historian Lord Action said about power.
    “ An observation that a person’s sense of morality lessens as his or her power increases.”

    Keep that in mind when you vote for someone with a knee-jerk personality such as the one Trump displays.

    • Hey Kohn strange how you never say much about Democrats. Talk about how Democrats use people of color to keep them poor promising to pull them out of poverty. People of color fall for it every time. Democrats are the ones pushing socialism as they keep themselves wealthy. It’s mind control!

      • Why aren’t you talking about what is happening in the Republican Party? It is your back yard. Don’t you think it is appropriate to clean up your own back yard before worrying about the yards of others?
        Why do you care what democrats are doing? You already know that party is heavily influenced by communist progressives. Our party is deeply influenced by fascism and racism. If we do not put a stop to it we can forget ever recruiting minorities into our party.
        The white race is diminishing in the U.S. In 30 years we will be a minority, which is fine to me. But not if the Republican Party becomes a permanent minority along with me.
        It is one of many reasons why I don’t like Trump. He is doing no favors recruiting anyone to our party. He is not liked in the U.S. at all. He is arrogant, a loudmouth, divisive, racist, chaotic, and hangs with people like anti-semites such as Kanye who associates with racists such as Nick Fuentes.
        In case you don’t remember, the Republican Party has not won the popular vote in over 20 years. It is only going to become more difficult in the coming decades if we do not change.
        This is why I don’t bother pointing out the problems of the Democrat party. Let the classical liberals such as Bill Mahers and Jimmy Dore’s clean up their own party. I have my problems to contend with in ny own party.

  2. So funny to me .. I actually work for the Government .. and have for over 15 years so .. yea it’s the government , screw you to the last drop !!

    • I spent 30 years in a Fortune 500 company. Your problems you face in government are not different than other corporate behemoths employees have to contend with everyday.
      . Trump Derangement syndrome
      is a group of far-right extremist radical anti-intellectuals who actively suppress freedom of speech via canceling for the greater good of protecting their MAGA leader

      • But you said you were a blue collar worker, now you claim you were in a Fortune 500 Company. Which is it, a 9-5er on Wall Street or a blue collar worker.
        You also claimed you don’t live in the US and live in a country that borders an Asian country of which you have not named. You also mentioned something about being self-sustained which means you are able to continue a healthy existence without outside assistance. Do you grow your own garden. Do you heard your own cattle and chickens. Do you live in a country that allows you to lease land but are not permitted to buy it. I also picked up a bit of info of a college you might have attended in Ohio. The term Fortune 500 refers to a list of 500 of the largest companies in the United States compiled by Fortune magazine every year. Companies are ranked by their annual revenues for their respective fiscal years and the list could change continuously. This list includes both public and private companies using publicly available revenue data. To be a Fortune 500 company is widely considered to be a mark of prestige.

  3. Oh and FU Kohn .. you are a troll !!!! Find another platform . You’ve been busted I don’t even post that much I just like to read peoples response’s and you are always a instigator you enjoy pissing people off , hope your life is great !!!

    • Oh, stop it. If you would have figure me out by now you would be the conductor on the Kohn Train
      . Trump Derangement Syndrome is a consequence by a gathering of people selling their soul to a leader with a long history of using others for the sole benefit of himself.

    • Sit back. I’m just getting started.
      . Trump Derangement Syndrome is the result of the failed American education system which will end with trumpster divers carrying out the results of the Milgram Experiment for their MAGA cult leader


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