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President Trump is taking swift action to curb the illegal immigration that hurts the United States according this his latest tweet about the issue.

“Next week ICE will begin the process of removing the millions of illegal aliens who have illicitly found their way into the United States,” President Donald J. Trump announced on Twitter Monday evening. “They will be removed as fast as they come in.”

“Mexico, using their strong immigration laws, is doing a very good job of stopping people long before they get to our Southern Border,” Trump continued in the thread. “Guatemala is getting ready to sign a Safe-Third Agreement.”

With the Democrats acting as obstructionists and pro-amnesty groups like LA RAZA complaining, some of the president’s foes on Twitter vow to make his efforts harder to carry out.

We ask you in today’s poll, “will ICE actually be able to deport all the illegal aliens they have released into the US?”

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