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During a briefing in the White House Rose Garden on Tuesday, President Trump doubled down on his promise to offer new protections for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients and emphasize merit-based education.

“We’re going to be taking care of DACA. I’m going to be signing immigration action, very big merit-based immigration action,” Trump vowed, confirming a promise he made in an interview with Telemundo on July 10. Trump added that the order will give Dreamers  “a road to citizenship.”

DMLNewsApp and founder Dennis Michael Lynch warned in a Facebook Live video Wednesday morning that Trump’s promise to legitimize the DACA recipients will NOT gain him the Latino vote, but will cause many of his supporters to stay home in November, thus enabling Biden to win the Oval Office. Moreover, DML warned this will create a massive new wave of caravans headed for the U.S. border.

PLEASE TAKE OUR POLL BELOW – WE WANT YOUR OPINION! Will Trump lose to Biden if he gives ‘Dreamers’ a path to citizenship?


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  1. DML, are you going to vote for Biden over Trump? This nation is at war and if Trump does not win, America will be destroyed! Mark my words, these United States will be annihilated by these wicked Democrats! Our votes should be based upon that truth, not on giving illegals citizenship because we can deal with that after this nation is safe from these leftest immorals!

    • I second this! Come hell or high water , our Pres will come thru. He knows how to make a deal.
      Plus NOT ONCE did He say Amnesty, not one time.
      These passed few years I’ve heard several Daca who are lifers in our MILITARY, Doctors, Teachers, Powers if Examples for minorities to do Good, so maybe just maybe, it’s not as dire as our DML makes it sound sometimes. I know how passionate he feels about this. Hey, if they can serve in battle in our military then DAMN, give them amnesty. But just them not a whole town, I only wished they’d sign up for citizenship, which BTW I’ve heard that too. Many are waiting.

  2. Almost even split between those concerned and those that are not. No one wants Biden. But his VP pick could put him in the running. I am concerned that a lot of people may just sit it out or write in someone else. Trump thinks Biden is so weak, he can do anything and get another term. He may be correct, but he will not win in a landslide.

    • It is true no one loves Biden not even in his party but he is the one that was elected and they will support him all the way. They just need the victory regardless of the means they have to use. The President knowing or unknowingly is providing that to them. The important thing for them is to win. They will take care of Biden and dispose of him later.

  3. I hate like hell that folks coming here illegally for decades have become such a big issue In our every day life as well as every election. They should have never been allowed in …PERIOD! I am putting my trust in Trump- I pray he has developed a plan that will benefit legal Americans far greater than those who came illegally. I would like for them to have to pay fines and assimilate.

    My belief is that if the Biden/ Sanders agenda wins the election there will be no rules for any illegals already here or coming here in the near future.. The Biden /Sanders agenda is all about open borders 365 days a year..Their agenda is far too appealing for the gang bangers, cartels and anyone interested in a life of crime and violence…This country is on a downward spiral and I’m extremely concerned for America’s future. I will vote for Trump and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the Executive Order will be strict and benefit our country and the legal American people

    • Always remember “Art of the Deal”

      Didn’t our President try a few times already, and Dems wouldn’t agree? Right

      If We lose cause of this Daca shit I’ll be furious at us for buying into that lie. Who knows how it would turn out. Come on. Most of the Daca population are here since birth. Many have applied for citizenship, are serving our Country so who’s to say they’ll vote dems. Damn. The blacks had that same “jacket, if your black you vote dem”. That’s just wrong. Just maybe giving them a chance, MERIT, MERIT, MERIT THEYLL HAVE THE SMARTS NOT TO VOTE DEMS

  4. I put trust in the American people to Vote for the correct person to lead the pursuit of the American dream of Life, Liberty and Justice, that is not the Democratic party. I truly believe Trump will win and immigration policies will be corrected in 2021. If by chance Trump does not win WOE be us.

  5. No one here knows Hispanics like I do. After all I am one. Unfortunately 90% if not all of those DACA dreamers are democraps. His creator was Obama and they owe him and most if all : they love him! . They had always dislike Republicans because as they were taught by parents and democraps is the party of the rich and are racists. Said that they will be the great push and force democraps need to clinch the victory. I do not understand why the President went that way. If he thinks they will be grateful and vote for him he is dead wrong. As a voter that switched from democrap to Republican for his promises in 2016 I feel betrayed and is very hard for me to go and vote for him in November knowing that he after all turned out to be a weak president at the end. I have the feeling he is tired and do not want to win. He just should resign and let other candidate go for it. Me as a now Republican will vote for the new replacement. He is going to do something that will affect the elections in years to come. Will be very hard for Republicans or any other party or candidate to ever win again. Wow never thought he was going to start loving illegals and be so nice to them. I am very disappointed. Pervert Biden will run in November if he signs that executive order. Democraps are having a field day.

  6. I don’t know about you DML, but there is no way I am voting for Biden regardless of whether Trump signs this EO or not. Anyone with a right mind wouldn’t. You have to pick your battles and this is no longer one worth fighting for me. It’s inevitable. These DACA people have been here since children. You can’t deport them now for the mistakes their parents made 20+ yrs ago. What Trump should do is make this EO JUST pertaining to those currently in the country NOT for future illegals. I feel this Order will bring him more votes from the Latinos this election.

    • I feel the same way. I will vite for President Trump no matter what. The alternative is far worse. I am praying he has something in mind that will benefit the American people as well.

    • The Art of the Deal right!

      DJT is no joke! I won’t even question His thinking anymore. Why, cause He was always SPOT ON! Come on. Look what He’s been up against for 4 damn years. Did He bale? No. Were PROMISES KEPT, YES & HEs Mantra is AMERICA FIRST right? Yes. He’s Always put us first. PS: not once did He say AMNESTY! MAGS

  7. President Trump will win. We don’t even know if he’s really going to do what he said. He may be trying to get a reaction and we definitely are not for this.

  8. I will be extremely disappointed…but there isn’t really a choice, sit out and let the Democrats win and we get socialism. I will still have to vote Trump.

  9. Trump/Pence 2020 no matter what he does with DACA. The alternative would be the downfall of America as we know it. Communism would win. And I do not want that for my family!


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