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Over the past week, America has plummeted into an even greater divide, as the attacks on President Trump and conservatives from liberal “Big Tech” companies and corporations has escalated to unprecedented levels.

In a coordinated effort to completely silence President Trump, Facebook and Twitter banned him from their platforms, and soon nearly all mainstream social media platforms followed suit.

The companies didn’t stop with President Trump, however, as they began banning several other conservative voices as well. When people began moving over to Parler, Google and Apple yanked Parler from their app store, then Amazon took Parler completely offline.

Next, a slew of companies have announced they are pulling their financial contributions, or are considering doing so, from all Republican lawmakers who raised objections to the Electoral College votes for Joe Biden. Hallmark has even asked two GOP senators to return the donations the company gave them. Some of the companies include:

  • Marriott International
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Commerce Bancshares
  • Citibank
  • Bank of America
  • Ford Motor Co.
  • AT&T
  • CVS Health Corp
  • Exxon Mobile
  • FedEx
  • Target
  • Hallmark

Big Tech and social media companies on several Trump supporters’ boycott list include the following:

  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Apple
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • G-Mail
  • YouTube

In the Dennis Michael Lynch podcast on Monday, DML weighed in on the alarming attacks and silencing of conservatives, and encouraged boycotts of the companies. LISTEN BELOW, and PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO TAKE OUR POLL TODAY.

PLEASE TAKE OUR POLL BELOW – WE WANT YOUR OPINION! Are you boycotting companies who are silencing President Trump and all conservatives?

If you cannot see the poll, click here.

#BoycottAmazon is trending on Twitter. One Twitter user shared a video showing exactly what he thinks of the company, after they took Parler off line.

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  1. Yes I feel they’re punishing the masses for a few people who broke off from the very many peaceful protesters but their hypocrites because they take nothing in comparison to what happened this past summer and that was all okay so to you big tech companies cancel my accounts you’re not hurting anybody but yourselves you’re a bunch of hypocrites censorship yeah pelosi’s personal vendetta yeah and she’s not hateful right and Joe Biden peaceful unity healing he’s full of shit

  2. It is too late to change my insurance but you bet I won’t have bcbs next year. And I will spend on them as much as I can this year.

  3. I have ford stock. I will he selling it right after I get finished with this rant! I will not support a communist corporation! Glad I dont own a piece of crap Ford product!

  4. I would love to boycott them all. I will be eventually. As soon as my iPhone contract is up and I’m tied into blue cross until next open enrollment. But for all I can, I will be boycotting

  5. This isn’t are world, so what would happen if I ordered all kinds of trump item on Bank of America that would piss them off. Sooner or later it will be there lost people won’t take it but for now I’ll boycott what I can and toy with the rest, I’m sadden to what they are doing to Trump and family and punishing the rest of us.

  6. Amazon and other companies, broadcasters, such services as Facebook and others have shown that they have no respect for many of your customers. I would estimate about 74 million of them. You may think that is a good move, but to me it seems you are cutting off your noses to spite your face.

    • yes and people will remember this for a long time there is free speech and when you try to silence us we are no longer supporting you

  7. My direct tv owned by at&t, I work for Lincoln (Ford). I’m off of Amazon now. I have an Apple phone. If I go with any android, it’s google or Microsoft. I’m very minimal on Facebook bc my mother is on it. Twitter very minimal but it’s like a ghost town now. Everyone else on the list, I’m not a part of it.
    How is what they’re doing is legal?

  8. Well, I would comment on the boycott Amazon hashtag that they just lost a big customer, but I already deactivated twitter. I am done with these companies!

  9. About 20 minutes before seeing this topic. I called Amazon and told them to forward my convo to their Superiors. Told them they not only lost me as a great customer but a movement is on its way in an attempt to tank their stock. Also said the almost 80 million other President Trump supporters were also Amazon shoppers and who also will be boycotting them soon!

  10. While we may want to boycott EVERY ONE of those companies, they are so entrenched in our every day lives that it doesn’t make sense to pretend that we will cut them off. There must be another way to hurt them…

    • I can live without all of the companies listed. I’ve never been a fan of Amazon, China’s largest retailer, and the rest, if I’m interested, will be replaceable.

  11. The end of Big Tech is close.
    “Life After Google” by Gilder.
    What you ask will end Big Tech?
    BLOCKCHAIN… This book explains how.

  12. I like the rest of you, my family is just getting started. We are “The Boycotters” we will vote them out of office, encourage others to do the same and invest in Christian organizations and corporations. I refuse to give Satan to take what so many have fought and died for to loose it to a bunch of boneheads bent on destroying our freedoms and selling our country to the lowest bidder.

  13. Got rid of Twitter. Never got on FB and closed Amazon will pay card off. I will have one hell of a savings account next yr with Amazon closed. My free speech is more important. My President will remain mine for next 4 yrs. Biden is Illegitimate

  14. I have to get my meds from CVS. I live in an extremely small town and have very few options so I depend a lot on Amazon and some of the others named but I will be boycotting as much as I can. I own an Apple phone that I can’t get rid of right now and a Ford truck that is paid for and I can’t afford another. Some of these companies know some of us are screwed if we boycott but I’m certainly going to do my best.

  15. I’ve been boycotting for years…. trying to keep up with it all.

    However, the only return for my effort….. more stress on me and the jerks still keep growing and getting richer.

    I need a better plan…. we need a better plan.

  16. In 2022 folks, we start the Purge. Let’s start finding true conservative Patriots to run in the primaries against every Rino incumbent that’s there now. We need a wave of fresh faces in Washington. Both in the House and in the Senate and in States. Vote them all out!

  17. Let’s not forget to boycott Hollywood! Half of the people there are idiots, or anti Trumpers with a killer attitude for us ordinary people because we back Trump! Them for sure we don’t need! I have a huge Actor boycott list!

  18. I deactivated my Facebook account yesterday, and will be downloading all of my YouTube videos and moving them to Rumble as soon as I can. I’ve been gradually deleting files from Google for several months because I saw this coming. All of my photos are downloaded on my own server and I’m working on archiving my emails now.

  19. Boycott ALL you can. 🚫🚫🚫
    Boycott All Hollywood Movies, anything they sell.
    Boycott all MSM & SM sites u can.
    Censoring can work both ways. WE just have to do it!
    💥🇺🇸FIGHT BACK, Don’t give an inch.
    Don’t Share anything Biden or the Lefts post on anything, delete if u can.
    Don’t watch any video, TV of Biden r the Left. Don’t click on anything regarding them.
    Everything & Anything against all of these Nazi SOBs.
    End them with their OWN EVIL stunts.

  20. please join the GREAT PATRIOT BLACKOUT! On Jan 20th, WE THE PEOPLE are going to make our voices heard by employing our SILENCE! IF YOU HAVE ACCOUNTS ON ANY OF THE FOLLOWING PLATFORMS, DELETE THEM ON THE 20th. It’s important we do this EN MASSE!


    ALSO- on the 20th we are calling for a BLACKOUT against the improper and presumptive inauguration of Joseph Biden as commander and thief of one of the biggest election frauds of the century! It doesn’t matter who the broadcaster is (yes, even FOX). DO NOT WATCH NOR LISTEN TO THE INAUGURATION.

    When you turn on the radio, visit a website, or watch it on TV, you are effectively renting your eyes and ears to those who advertise on whatever it is you’re watching. IF THE RATINGS ARE LOW, THE INVESTORS WILL PULL.


  21. I permanently closed my Facebook, no longer use my Twiter. I limit shopping at Amazon other than buy water Additive for my dogs. I don’t own Apple products. My cellphone is Samsung, but the “Androind” is own by Google (this part is suck). I am using Duckduckgo instead of Google to browse. I don’t shop at retailers who boycotting Trump family. I have not go watch movie since 2016 when those idiots actors start their hate speech.


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