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A rainbow appeared in the sky right where the body of Gabby Petito was believed to be found in Grand Teton National Park on Sunday, located in Wyoming.

Strikingly, the rainbow was also photographed near the same time 2,300 miles away over the Laundrie family home in North Port, Florida.

Photos captured the spectrum of light beaming right above the area where authorities found the remains that were confirmed to match the description of the missing 22-year-old.

“Do you believe in signs? A rainbow appeared a short while ago over the area where Gabby Petito was found,” CNBC correspondent Valerie Castro tweeted.

Ironically, another photo captured the rainbow arching over the Laundrie family home, where Petito’s fiancee, Brian Laundrie, was last seen before fleeing into hiding after refusing to cooperate with police on the investigation into her whereabouts. A manhunt for Laundrie is currently underway.

The photo was shared by Adria Iraheta, a reporter for Spectrum Bay News 9 as the FBI was prepping to hold a press conference on the discovery of the human remains near the Grand Teton search area.

The coroner’s van was filmed departing the Wyoming search area, carrying the human remains that are believed to be Gabby Petito.

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  1. Hey man, cool it with the Petito stories for craps sake! You have at least 12 on this last email! The FBI is just trying to clean up their image! I understand it is horrible for a parent to lose a child! What about child trafficking? This over 18 year old woman made an error in judgement! I’m tired of hearing about her! While the country is falling apart for Christs sake!!!!

  2. This is so terribly sad, those lacking any empathy must be childless or horribly cold hearted. Having watched the over hour vid of her & her fiancée pulled over by police, my heart just hurt for her niativity – I’m not sure there wasn’t some type of underlying issue happening between the 2 of them. If this is Gaby, I pray she didn’t suffer.

  3. I do believe in signs. During a traumatic time in my life, a rainbow appeared over my home. Living in the middle of a cul-da-sac, coming home one day, there sat my house below the arch of a perfectly formed rainbow…chills to this day every time I think about it!
    Other signs have occurred throughout my years, as well.


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