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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News App offers the following information published by WashingtonExaminer:

A 10-year-old girl was denied an abortion in Ohio and subsequently traveled to Indiana for the procedure.

The girl was reportedly referred to an Indianapolis OB-GYN after seeking medical attention at a child abuse center in Ohio. By Monday, she was six weeks and three days pregnant in a state that bans all abortions after six weeks.

The article goes on to state the following:

It is a growing trend in Indiana, as its abortion restrictions are significantly less strict than Ohio’s. Another OB-GYN, Dr. Katie McHugh, reported seeing about 20 out-of-state patients a day, an increase of roughly four times since before the Supreme Court ruled in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. Another clinic reported that more than 100 patients from Dayton, Ohio, had made abortion appointments at its Indianapolis location.

Ohio abortion clinics are currently in the midst of a lawsuit to overturn the state’s abortion law.

Ohio’s Supreme court denied the plaintiff’s motion to enact an emergency stay on the law; upholding the ban until the trial is finished.

Meanwhile, in Indiana, the General Assembly has called a July 25 special session to further discuss its laws regarding abortion.

WATCH: Republican governor won’t let ‘tragedy’ of child rape dictate abortion access

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  1. I’m gonna need more information on why she was pregnant in the first place.. Was she raped? If not, why in the Hell is a 10 year old having sex???

  2. I have to question a 10 year old getting pregnant ? Again press hearsay !! I can’t buy this until I’d seen all evidence of the alleged facts ?

  3. Making it harder to get an abortion will force women and men to start becoming more responsible! Moira..I agree, I’ve said for years that what they are putting in our animals (meats) are causing children to develop faster.

  4. While I am against abortion, this case breaks my heart in so many ways. Girls are starting to menstruate younger and younger on average – studies have shown. A ten y.o.’s body isn’t mature enough to handle a pregnancy. Furthermore, she is too young at 10, to give consent to have sex. She was referred from a “child abuse center”, which means she was a victim of rape or most likely incest? I pray someone is headed to jail for a really long time.
    This is one of those cases I would think of supporting an abortion – to protect the health of that child.

    • I have to agree completely. A 10 year old can not carry and deliver a child! I would think it would endanger her life. How cruel would that be? The abortion procedure would probably be trauma in itself almost as bad as the rape! That poor child. I am definitely pro-life but there has to be some reason and compassion to the circumstances.

    • I feel the same as you do. The child could be in great danger if she takes the pregnancy to term. I would support an abortion in this case. There needs to be a serious investigation into what happened. DNA should be taken from the baby to determine who the father is. I have a feeling this was incest.

    • I do agree with you, but the youngest person in the world to get pregnant and carry it to term was 5. She never disclosed who it was to anyone. People are sick.

    • I agree 💯 % with everything you wrote‼️
      There should be Abortion if this Rape or incest it’s disgusting either way.. where was her friggen Mama⁉️⁉️

    • Agreed! There are always exceptions, and this is definitely one of them. Poor girl…..wth is wrong with people?! We seriously need to revert back to the old west. Child abusers/rapists/molesters need to be hung in the streets. Criminals need to be dealt with swiftly, on the spot. If that means a few innocents lose their lives, so be it. This country needs to be taken back to it’s roots. Cull the heard. Rein in the crime rates, and make criminals fear for their lives. Restoring law and order is the only way we’re going to have a sane country again. Wipe out the liberal trash, wipe out the inner cities, close our freaking borders, and bring back pride and true patriots once again.

  5. The article mentions seeking help at a child abuse center but ALOT more needs to be explained , incest ? rape?.something is very wrong here …….Someone waited 6wks and 3 days to get her there ? , this smells

    • It may simply be a financial reason why they needed to wait to drive to Indiana. 6 weeks would be three paychecks.

  6. Okay and if they’re still the state didn’t sell fireworks or allow them with the person go out of state to get their fireworks. How long is the car ride to get to another state a couple hours at the most. So what’s the big deal she can go to a democratic state and have abortion

  7. Very questionable. .. a 10 year old ?. And Indiana and Ohio are border states. I live in no but can be in NYS in 10 minutes. What they should do however is execute the rapist

  8. Here’s the bigger question… what was the circumstances under which she became impregnated? 10 does seem very young, but not unheard of.. she went to a child abuse clinic? Something does not smell right here.
    I am calling bull crap right now, need more information.

  9. A regrettable but rare circumstance!
    This is not an everyday occurrence but the left is trying to trot it out as a reason we “need” abortion services.

    • Or make up the story completely, just to pull emotions to get people to turn and support abortion. Everything they do is intended to create emotion and chaos to get what they want in the end. And we keep giving in! We are doomed.

  10. That is why they love PP. no questions asked, no accountability for the rapist. Just get the kids their pills and give them abortions and you have a victim for life. That is why they are sooo mad about this.

  11. Im sure there are a lot of 10 year olds having babies in other countries. After all, they get married by that age or younger. I feel sorry for the girl but still not a reason to kill an innocent baby!

  12. Did I miss the information in this article about the perp being arrested and charged. Who the hell thinks it’s well and good to have sex with a 10 year old. Oh now I get it the indoctrination going on in our nation’s schools. Thank you NEA . Teachers union, democrats .



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