REPORT: 13-year-old making $40 per hour off this ingenious idea

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Melbourne teenager has responded to those telling him he’s too young to get a job with an ingenious idea that is now making him $40 per hour on the weekend.

Thirteen-year-old Ben Adler from Brighton has started his own business painting street numbers on people’s property for $20 a pop.

He said he’s saving the money for college and eventually a car for himself.

Ben told 7NEWS that he works about 20 hours on weekends, and rides his bike about 30 miles to travel to his customers and then return home.

He started his business by knocking on doors, but then launched a Facebook page to advertise his curbside service.

“I’ve always wanted to have my own business because my parents both do and a lot of my family members do. Doing this at a young age means I’ll be able to save money for university and a car,” the teen said.

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    • I’ve not heard or seen a young teen doing this at all.

      I love stories like this that portrait a young kid working to meet his own goals. SO much better than those nasty Drag Queen topics all over our news today.

  1. Because everything has to sound woke I agree this is no story the story is he is only 13 well it’s almost like a kid who wants to play professional hockey if he is not drafted by 14 his career is over and that’s a fact so starting a business at 13 is normal not a story ..

  2. What a great kid! Too many kids are growing up spoiled with a gimme gimme attitude and entitlement! This kid will be a success for sure and not dependent on any government handouts! My son also grew up with a work ethic. He was looking for ways to earn money since he was 6 years old! Paper routes, lawn mowing, snow shoveling and even washing dishes for a catering Chef who taught him many cooking techniques! Today he is a successful business owner who built his own home, is a NYC firefighter and has a beautiful family!
    AND a great cook!!!

  3. Entrepreneurial spirit making a comeback!!
    He’s definitely going farther than his classmates that sit and play video games on their phone.
    Yes, folks this is a newsworthy story!! The world needs more like him.

  4. God love this young man with great expectations in life…there is hope. I’m sure his family had much influence in his future goals.


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