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According to CBS NEWS, three cadets set to graduate from the U.S. Air Force Academy who have refused the COVID vaccine.  will not be commissioned as military officers, the academy said Saturday. The cadets will still earn their bachelors degrees, according to the academy.

Academy spokesman Dean Miller said that a fourth cadet who had refused the vaccine until about a week ago decided to get vaccinated and will graduate and become an Air Force officer.

In a statement, Miller said that while the other three will receive their degrees, “they will not be commissioned into the United States Air Force as long as they remain unvaccinated.” He added that a decision on whether to require the three to reimburse the United States for education costs in lieu of service will be made by the secretary of the Air Force.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who made the COVID-19 vaccination mandatory for service members last year, said the vaccine is critical to maintaining military readiness and the health of the force.

The Air Force Academy is currently the only U.S. military academy from which cadets are not being commissioned due to vaccine refusal.

All four cadets were notified a week ago of the potential consequences of not getting vaccinated and were given a chance prior to graduation to change their minds; one did.

The ceremony will be held Wednesday in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


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  1. As illegals flood the country. This is how American servicemen and women arr being treated. I find this disgusting .

    • I agree Sharon. This CB is an outrage!! I’m so angry I could spit! May God bless these three innocent people.

  2. DOD violated their contracts by adding something at the last minute! Cadets fulfill terms of their contract them get shafted. Austin is nothing but a tool of the left

  3. This is absolutely f’n ridiculous! No one should be forced into medical experimentation. The efficacy of these coof shots are waning daily. They do not stop the spread of coof and honestly don’t seem to give much protection. I guess, “my body, my choice” only matters if you want to abort your baby.

  4. And how many y illegals come I. And aren’t vaccinated and yet they are allowed to stay….you have young men and women who want to actually serve our country and are denied because the refuse the jab. What a bunch of asshokes are ruining g our country

  5. Total bullshit for our government to enforce this with all of the information out about the vaccine effects. I’m glad they received their 4 year degree.

  6. The woke military is doing those cadets a favor! As an ICU RN for 24 years- I’ve seen emboli brain strokes and odd cancers I. Healthy but vaccinated people in the rise. The reports are out there and more to come! Legit medical data.. I can’t believe theY’re still pushing this when the SCIENCE is proof these jabs are HARMFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think a full blown investigation. Needs to be made on Miley!!! Who does he actually report to!?

  7. “The land of the free ….” is NO longer , these cadets vowed and worked HARD to serve thier country and fellow man.and get a nice FK YOU in return …

  8. Ironic, these servicemen involve themselves in the business of “protecting people’s Freedoms”YET, they, themselves DON’T HAVE ANY!! GIVE THEM THEIR COMMISSIONS!!

  9. Pathetic and sure kills the incentive to join the armed forces. This country is pathetic and all the woke companies is even more disgusting AND the masses continue to go along with it. Think about it ignorant troll 🦤 birds.

  10. This should be ALL Americans need to know about what the political elite think of them.

    They hate America as much as they hate Americans.

    Hang them by the neck

  11. I wish the government would push the correct narrative and follow the true science! These vaccines are killing and injuring people! There’s nothing safe about them. They don’t work because you can never create a vaccine for a coronavirus. If that’s the case we would never have colds again!

  12. This is bullshit! This is not nazi Germany. Experimental drugs that did not go through the full and true FDA approval, you are going to force these patriots to take these vaccines or throw them to the wolves.
    Set the politics aside, the true number of young, healthy adults that die from COVID is minuscule.
    The greatest generation is turning over in their graves. Watch out for the silent majority, as they are awakening to these travesties of Justice.


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