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Another child in the U.S. has died in connection with the mysterious cases of severe hepatitis that have been occurring among children around the country and the globe, officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed on Friday.

Investigators learned of the additional death on Thursday, Dr. Jay Butler, deputy director for infectious diseases for the CDC, told reporters during a phone briefing.

The article goes on to state the following:

Officials had previously reported that the deaths of five other children were under investigation in connection to the disease.

“Unfortunately, the illness in many of these patients is severe … and the extent of the injury to the liver can be quite extensive. And so, this is clearly a severe disease that we’re taking very carefully for that reason, and the proportion of these, despite treatment, do unfortunately die,” said Dr. Umesh Parashar, chief of the viral gastroenteritis branch at the CDC’s Division of Viral Diseases.

Daily Mail reports:

Globally more than 500 cases have now been spotted in the outbreak mostly in the UK and U.S., likely because both countries have better surveillance systems.

The CDC said an adenovirus infection — which can cause the common cold — was their leading hypothesis for the cause of the illness, although they were also still investigating whether Covid infections played a role.

They have all but ruled out theories suggesting a mutation in the virus may be causing the illness, or that it could be down to exposure to pet dogs. There is no evidence that the Covid vaccine is triggering hepatitis.

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  1. But yet the New York Times have ‘apologized’ for making the statement about the ‘6 child dying’ piece they had written. So they changed it to ‘being sick ‘ w/ God only knows what disease these dems keep coming up with just in time for elections! And that’s a FACT that you ‘fact checkers’ can’t deny so don’t EVEN try ….. he’ll no we will NOT be locked down again nor will I wear anymore masks! I know wth they’re TRYING to do but they can get screwed for all I care. Election will go on & nobody will be cheating again esp me standing over the poll counting people, I may decide to sit on their laps to see that nothing illegal is being done,

  2. Just a coincidence that this all happened after covid, and probably were given the vax even if they didn’t meet the age rules. An immune system disease attacking the liver is right up the alley of this mRNA junk.

  3. This is caused by Biden letting every disgusting human entity into this country with every disease not familiar with our country and we have no immunity to them!! All these deaths and many more to come are his fault and the blood is on him and his corrupt family and democrat party!!!
    Vote wveryone of them out of office!!

  4. Did all the kids that died get the vaccine? Very easy to find out. These poor kids that have idiot parents with no common sense. This disease is so minuscule in children under 18 why take the chance with their life.🤯


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