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WASHINGTON (AP) — Joe Biden and China’s Xi Jinping have slurped noodles together in Beijing. They’ve shared deep thoughts about the meaning of America during an exchange on the Tibetan plateau. They’ve gushed to U.S. business leaders about developing a sincere respect for each other.

The American president has held up his relationship with Xi as evidence of his heartfelt belief that good foreign policy starts with building strong personal relationships.

The article goes on to state the following:

But as the two leaders prepare to hold their first presidential meeting on Monday, the troubled U.S.-China relationship is demonstrating that the power of one of Biden’s greatest professed strengths as a politician — the ability to connect — has its limits.

The report explains that “no major announcements are expected and there’s no plan for the customary joint statement by the two countries at the end” of Monday’s virtual meeting.

Reuters reported in a Twitter post, “Chinese President Xi Jinping is expected to use his first virtual meeting with President Joe Biden to warn the United States to ‘step back’ on the Taiwan issue, according to the country’s state media.”

RNC Chairwoman offered some advice, tweeting, “Biden needs to confront Xi for obstructing the investigation into COVID-19’s origins during his virtual summit. Then he needs to outline concrete steps for the American people on how he’ll hold Xi accountable.”

Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-N.Y.) also offered some advice:

Biden will meet with Xi Jinping tomorrow. Here’s what must be on the agenda:
1. China’s crimes against Uyghur Muslims
2. China’s missile testing & development
3. China’s stonewalling on COVID-19 origins
4. China’s hostility toward Taiwan
5. China’s unfair trade practices

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  1. Biden won’t say shit, and if he does it will be so garbled no one wile understand him anyway…..the more important thing is china thinks he is a weak idiot

  2. He will not meet with Jinping for 3 hours. His administration will be the ones talking about the issues which don’t benefit America and will not hold China accountable for any of the issues on the agenda. Wait and see. Biden is a CCP puppet!

  3. Their relationship is “complicated”???
    It doesn’t seem complicated to me. Joe is China’s bitch and he does whatever Xi tells him to do. Hunter’s laptop likely pales in comparison to what Xi has on the Biden Crime Family.

  4. I thought it was funny how quickly everyone in the Biden Administration was downplaying Jinping and Biden’s friendship. Open mouth and insert foot ! Lord Jesus please keep exposing their evil deeds thank you lord amen 🙏


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