NEWS ALERT: Actress dies at age 49 after suffering from health struggles

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Robyn Griggs, an actor who was known for starring on the soap operas “Another World” and “One Life To Live,” has died. She was 49.

The news of Griggs’ death was confirmed in a statement on her Facebook page posted on Saturday, Aug. 14.

The article goes on to state the following:

“Hi everyone, With a heavy heart, I am saddened to announce Robyn’s passing,” the statement began. “However, she is no longer suffering and would want us to remember that and the good memories.”

The statement continued, “I will never forget how open she was to telling her story, and accepting of me helping her tell it. She wanted to help people and spread the word of her story to do it. I was honored to do so. RIP my friend, I love you and smile when I think of you.”

Griggs portrayed Stephanie Hobart on “One Life to Live” before being cast as Maggie Cory on “Another World” from 1993-1995.

She also had roles in several films, “Severe Injuries” in 2003, “The Absence of Light” in 2006, “Craig” in 2008, and “Hell week” her final movie, in 2010.

Griggs learned in 2020 that she had stage 4 endocervical adeno cancer after a pap smear.

She chronicled her health struggle via Facebook and in July posted “I have 4 new tumors. 2 new tumors on my liver, one on abdominal muscle and large one on right side lymph node.”

Her health began to decline and on Aug. 11 she entered hospice care.

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  1. I swear, every single day I hear of someone dying at such a young age. From men and sports to just women just all kinds of young people just dying. I know she had cancer but I swear I have to believe that it has something to do with the vaccine

  2. Remember Hollywood get your shots for a long and healthy life.
    Look at Brandon he got shots boosters and though he may still have covid and he may be sick and coughing all the time for the last two years . At least he got his shots too. Lol

  3. My twin sister died of cervical cancer, age 48. HPV virus can lie dormant for years, her doctor said she probably had HPV for 30 years! Horrible death, just like this woman, the cancer spread to her liver, lymph nodes and brain. RIP


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