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Former “Will & Grace” star Debra Messing had some pointed things to say about the White House during a call last month held after the Supreme Court’s decision overturning the Roe v. Wade, CNN reports.

Messing expressed frustration on the call with the White House’s actions, saying that she had gotten President Biden elected and seemingly had little to show for it.

The article goes on to state the following:

Messing questioned why she was being asked to do anything and that there did not seem to be a point to voting during the call, according to CNN.

CNN’s Edward-Isaac Dovere said, “Messing said she’d gotten Joe Biden elected and wanted to know why she was being asked to do anything at all, yelling that there didn’t even seem a point to voting. Others wondered why the call was happening. That afternoon, participants received a follow-up email with a list of basic talking points and suggestions of Biden speech clips to share on TikTok.”

Daily Beast editor Marlow Stern tweeted Tuesday, “Debra messing literally telling the white house she got Joe Biden elected is the funniest thing you’ll read all day. 53% of white women voted trump in 2020 (up from 47% in 2016).”

Journalist Chuck Modi tweeted, “’The call encapsulate overwhelming sense of frustration among Democrats with Biden. ‘Rudderless, aimless and hopeless’ is how one member of Congress described the White House.’ Debra Messing & ‘leading Democrats’ finally waking up on Joe Biden who is who he has always been.”

Writer Louis Peitzman quipped, “Trying to decide what the funniest outcome would be and I think it’s Debra Messing primarying Biden herself.”

Republican communicator Matt Whitlock tweeted, “Debra Messing turning on Joe Biden and screaming into a conference call that she ‘got him elected’ was my favorite anecdote in weeks.”

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  1. Hey Debera HA HA HA . Hollywood has demanded female actors end their pregnancies or lose their careers so it’s no surprise that they would think killing the unborn in their womb was OK.

  2. The bigger point is that the WH contacts media and entertainers with instructions for what to promote on social media for the week. We’ve know this was happening, but the left constantly denied it. The curtains are being pulled, and they don’t care.

  3. Hey Debbie! Get over yourself! Even if you did get that jerk elected, that’s nothing to brag about! Cheating is what got the bastard elected! And you’re a skanky hollyweirdo has been!

  4. Hahahaha what a joke! Can’t take credit where credit is not due looser! Dominion did that. Don’t forget what obidon said “they have the most inclusive voter fraud system in place”. Something to that effect.

  5. Anyone who voted for Biden expecting anything more than what we have gotten should be ashamed of themselves. His track record in government was well-established. What were any of these Hollywood elitists possibly thinking? And to complain now? Are they kidding? You are exposing yourselves for the dopes that you are!

  6. Whatever hollyweird has to say is irrelevant to me. I no longer watch award shows because all they do is use it as their soap box to talk about politics. I no longer watch shows or movies with political agendas and I certainly don’t care about their liberal beliefs. They seem to forget they are hired to entertain. They also forget that it’s WE, the people who make or break their careers. There are a few actors/actresses who truly stand up for what’s right. If everyone stopped watching, like they did Disney’s Light-year movie, maybe they would understand we don’t watch movies or shows so they can push their liberal agendas on us.

  7. Can’t stand this woman. The hate she has had for Trump comes straight from Satan. Who you voted for is destroying our country. That’s what I hold you accountable for. Btw, Trump won.


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