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An Afghan refugee allegedly committed an unlawful act with a child while being housed at a U.S. military base awaiting resettlement.

The incident occurred at Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia last year after the Taliban rose to power in August in Afghanistan. Thousands of Afghan refugees were housed at the base after fleeing from the Taliban, and the last of them were resettled by Christmas, according to

The article goes on to state the following:

Citing an Inspector General report, reported that there was one “major criminal security incident” at Quantico involving the refugees. It occurred when one evacuee committed “what appeared to be an unlawful act with a child.”

The report explains that after an investigation was conducted, “the refugee was quickly handed over to the FBI.”

Congress has approved a total of $13.3 billion for the refugee resettlement effort so far. It has cost $188 million to care for the refugees at Quantico, just one of eight bases that has housed over 67,000 refugees.

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  1. Expect more of the same no matter were you put them.. its fine and dandy for them to go for little girls (or boys) in their sick religion (the so called religion of peace)

  2. These people have VERY different social norms than we have, and will not assimilate into American societal norms.

    Resettle ALL of them back into their region of the world that has their norms.

    NO American society wants these misfits in their midst. joejoe and his cronies need to move them out of our society NOW.

  3. Simple fly him back to Afghanistan, put a parachute on him , after you neuter him, the drop him out of the plane from 5000 ft

  4. When are you people going to realize these animals are barbarians?
    They do not have our beliefs nor our principles! They believe they are entitled to mistreat children and women!
    This is only going to get worse!
    He needs to be put down. There is NO CURE FOR PEDOPHILS!
    Death is the only cure!


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