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Actor and left-wing activist Alec Baldwin “protected” his Twitter account on Tuesday — effectively controlling which users can view the star’s tweets and which tweets can be retweeted — after much scrutiny over previous posts of his, including a recent one attacking his film crew over safety complaints.

Following his sharing of a post challenging claims of safety concerns on the set of Rust, Baldwin changed his account’s privacy setting to “protected,” restricting access to his tweets to “approved followers.”

The article goes on to state the following:

As a result, only those previously following the actor or subsequently approved to follow him can see tweets he shares as he remains private.

Social media users blasted Baldwin for his new protected status, with one user tweeting, “If only the lady he shot was protected, he wouldn’t have to protect his tweets.”

“Too bad he didn’t protect his co-workers,” another user wrote.

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  1. I think the correct term is gutless coward. Makes millions from brandishing guns and no Idea how to handle one safely. Just proves how the hollywood elite cannot function without real people keeping them safe, and how to make their fakeness look slightly real.

  2. Another Rich Privileged Liberal literally getting away with murder and not taking responsibility for his actions. This is all after Rittenhouse who was really defending himself for real fear of his own death is on trial for murder. Remember the Priviledged Liberal actor who filed false police reports and nothing happened to him? How about the Privileged Liberal NY and California Governors who killed 10s of thousands of fragile seniors in Nursing Homes with Covid 19 because of their actions. Does anyone see a pattern. Privileged and Liberal means
    you can kill and not be held accountable.
    Messed up world we live in.


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