REPORT: Alec Baldwin ‘Rust’ shooting investigation finally moves forward

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Nearly 10 months since the fatal “Rust” shooting, which resulted in cinematographer Halyna Hutchins’ death, the Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office has received the full forensic report from the FBI.

According to a press release, the Santa Fe Sheriffs’ detectives received the FBI’s completed forensic reports on Aug. 2. They were then forwarded to the New Mexico Office of the Medical Investigator (OMI) “for review.”

The article goes on to state the following:

“The OMI had advised the Sheriff’s Office that they required these forensic reports to finalize their investigation,” the release reads. The sheriff’s office received the “official OMI reports” on Wednesday.

Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza said, “The District Attorney’s office has been working with Suffolk County PD, and Baldwin’s lawyer to acquire the phone records. Once Suffolk County PD completes its agency assist and sends those records to New Mexico law enforcement, our detectives will need to then thoroughly review those phone records for evidentiary purposes.”

The report states that once the records are obtained all the information will be sent to the district attorney’s office for review.

Reporter Ann Pierret tweeted Thursday, “LATEST from @santafesheriff on #Rust shooting inv. — Detectives need to review Med Examiner’s reports & Alec Baldwin’s phone records ( expecting to receive soon from Suffolk Co PD) Investigators will then send reviews to the DA who will decide if charges will be issued.”

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  1. In other words: he’s a liberal trump hater so it will be labeled an accident and the libturd will walk.
    While people who did nothing on Jan 6 are still illegally detained.

    • I agree about the Jan 6 people, it is political persecution by the Left. Welcome to 50’s Russia.
      I have zero use for Baldwin in any way but someone deliberately put a live round of ammunition in that gun. There is no reason whatever to have live ammo on a movie set and no reason to expect it could be. The person in charge of the firearms was among those who walked off the job before hand in some sort of labor dispute and you can bet it was that person who decided to commit a little mayhem by putting a live round in the gun.
      I don’t like Baldwin but someone else is guilty of the murder, not him, and I think that will be found out.

      • Probably a fair take… Baldwin is an a-hole who deserves to be shunned by polite society, but he likely had no reason to expect the gun contained live ammo.

  2. Who gives a shit about this useless has been actor. No one. Put him in jail for his careless action of murder. You never point a gun at someone. It was his responsibility to check that gun before he fired it.

  3. So actually no change! Baldwin should be in jail. Unfortunately he will walk. Zero faith that he will be charged. Fortunately God will have the last say or karma if that’s what you choose. I’d like both. Make Baldwin unemployed. Don’t watch his movies. Ignore him.

  4. Still waiting for his phone records ten months later???????

    If he was a Republican, even a Republican Senator or Congressman he would have been detained in 24 hours and the phone removed from him with or without a warrant!

    This country is so thoroughly fucked up by Democrats! Evil to the core!


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