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Angel Families, whose loved ones were killed by illegal aliens, say that while President Joe Biden weighs providing reparations-style payouts to border crossers, the American victims of open borders receive no compensation for the federal government’s failure to enforce federal immigration law.

Last month, reports circulated that Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) were working to settle with a number of border crossers represented by the ACLU, who claim they have suffered trauma as a result of former President Donald Trump’s “Zero Tolerance” policy that was briefly imposed in 2019.

The article goes on to state the following:

As part of the settlement, attorneys with the DOJ, DHS, and HHS are considering a plan that would give each border crosser about $450,000 and family units about $1 million. The total cost of the payouts would reach $1 billion.

Breitbart then shares information about an open letter written by members of Angel Families with Advocates for Victims of Illegal Alien Crime (AVIAC), whose children have been killed by illegal aliens in the United States.

Don Rosenberg whose son Drew Rosenberg was killed by an illegal alien in 2010 and Maureen Maloney whose son Matthew Denice was killed in 2011 by an illegal alien — detail in an open letter how Biden plans to reward border crossers while American victims of open borders are ignored.

“Just when you thought Biden had reached the pinnacle of absurdity in welcoming illegal aliens into the country and refusing to deport those who once here violated our laws comes a plan to create millionaires out of over 5,000 illegal alien families,” Rosenberg and Maloney write.

Voicing their fury over the Biden administration’s plan to give a payment to illegal aliens, the two angel parents write:

On its face, none of these illegal aliens deserve anything more than a removal back to their country of origin. 

Paying these families anything compared to the amount paid to our fallen soldiers and victims of 9/11 shows how completely devoid of reality this administration is. But we already knew that.

One group conspicuous in its absence is the victims of illegal alien crime. But, unlike these “mothers,” the victims of illegal alien crime weren’t breaking any laws. 

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  1. Every American had better rise against this
    This will cause war
    How many Americans make that much in a year ?
    This man and the entire communist regime are occupiers Biden didn’t Win
    Not one penny to any illegals They are breaking laws And our laws says that any President that does this Is breaking our laws as well This man deserves execution for treason as the whole bunch does.
    May God open the earth and swallow the entire bunch
    A war is coming folks.

  2. Watch for November 23. The Seprem court will be hearing the pillow case mans reports. This is going to be gone and so is Biden and his cohorts.


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