REPORT: Angry commuters unleash on climate protesters blocking traffic as cops watch

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Climate protesters in the U.K. blocked traffic in London on Tuesday, grinding the city to a halt and prompting so much anger that commuters attacked them.

Just Stop Oil protesters organized several marches across the city, aiming to disrupt traffic. The protests occurred at a number of bridges, including the Tower and London bridges, according to TMX News.

The protest reiterated the group’s demands for Britain to immediately stop all new oil and gas production, usually employing a number of provocative protests that involve the destruction of famous art or private property to gain attention and outrage the public.

The Just Stop Oil protestors proudly posted videos of their stunts and the disruption they caused.

One video shows a fed-up commuter who tried to physically push the protesters off the road. However, instead of clearing out the protesters, police arrested the angry commuter instead.

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  1. So the police support the blocking of roads and leave the commuters ( the WORKING people) with NO recourse …..Wow that’s BS . Morons who contribute NOTHING to society but to pull this are obviously looked Disgusting

  2. These people are brainwashed to believe, all they hear about climate change. I don’t blame that guy one single bit. Someone, 1 of these days won’t stop at all. That guy deserved to be thrown down, people have things to do. What if there was an emergency?


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