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St Louis on Friday announced the return of a mask mandate after Missouri saw a statewide surge in COVID-19 cases thanks to a tiny superspreader town run by an anti-masker mayor where the current rate of infection is ten times the national average.

St Louis’s decision follows that of Los Angeles County, which on Sunday ushered in the first major return of compulsory face masks.

The article goes on to state the following:

In St Louis, masks will be mandatory in indoor public places and on public transportation for everyone age five or older, even for those who are vaccinated.  Masking outdoors ‘will be strongly encouraged,’ especially in group settings.

Dr. Marc Johnson of the University of Missouri School of Medicine says the fault lies with the city of Branson, calling it “ground zero.”

He said, “Branson has a lot of country-western shows. No Vaccines. No masks. A bunch of people indoors and air conditioning, tightly packed, listening to music, possibly singing along, i.e. a superspreading event.”

Larry Milton, Mayor of Branson, declared on Facebook on July 13, “First, let me state clearly and for the record: I will not support another government mask mandate, nor will I support a vaccine mandate.”

“I didn’t talk about freedom and liberty during my campaign for Mayor simply as a way to get elected. I championed those values then, as I do now, because I believe that each individual should have the right to decide for themselves how to best handle their own medical decisions.”

He added, “I DO NOT believe it’s my place, or the place of any politician, to endorse, promote or compel any person to get any vaccine. That’s a decision that should be made by each individual in consultation with their doctor and their family.”

He concluded, “Be good to one another. Be good to those who visit our town. Don’t let temporary disagreements drive us apart forever. Whether you are masked or not, vaccinated or not, make smart decisions… Be aware of those around you who may think differently than you do about the issue. Be courteous, be thoughtful, be Branson.”

Editor Rob Edwards tweeted Friday, “A St. Louis City spokesperson announces both the city and St. Louis County will reinstate a mask mandate effective Monday. The new rule requires everyone age five and over, including those vaccinated, to wear a mask in indoor public places and on public transportation. St. Louis City/St. Louis County reinstate a mask mandate effective Monday. It applies to everyone ages 5 and up, regardless if you’ve been vaccinated or not.”

Senior Executive at NBCUniversal Mike Sington tweeted, “St. Louis brings back mask mandate, Kansas City expected to follow suit, as COVID cases surge in Missouri. Tourist mecca Branson is the epicenter, with 20% of the residents thought to be infected. Only 40% of the state is fully vaccinated.”

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  1. When I see them handing out a years supply of free mask to each “immigrant”, 2 yo and older currently at the boarder, with every single one getting TWO jabs of vac and certificate for booster in 6 mo then locking down every unreachable Avenue of entry to the country….because it really is about health and safety….THEN I might reconsider. Until then outside of normal protocols it’s just just dog and pony CoV BS.

  2. The idea of allowing each school board, city, county, state,or federal leaderships the power to MICROMANAGE THE HEALTHCARE OF CITIZENS individually is an ABSOLUTE BREACH OF THE CONSTITUTION, which IS OUR SUPREME AUTHORITY over our LIVELIHOOD in the country, NOT ANY POLITICIANS! Deep State politicians have used FEAR to gain control over citizens, totally IGNORING ALL FEDERAL CONSTITUTIONAL LAW that 100 percent opposes any health control over citizens regardless of “emergency “ or “crisis” claims by politicians WHO DO NOT under any circumstances have the AUTHORITY to DICTATE, MANDATE, ORDER AUTHORITARIAN CONTROLS over the Healthcare of citizens! According to the Constitution, leadership CANNOT ORDER CITIZENS TO DO ANYTHING such as must buy healthcare or get FINED? SHEEP 🐑 MUST WAKE UP & DEMAND AN END TO ALL GOVERNMENT LEVELS OF CITIZEN CONTROLS!

  3. All you GD people sitting around being friendly, singing country music together are ruining America.

    Hahahahaha. What an asshole! Most of these libtards truly believe this. It ruins communism is what it ruins.

    St. Louis is a liberal toilet. Making it worse is really no big deal.

  4. So Branson is the cause of Missouri’s rise in Covid. I would think Branson would be the place where it would be the worse, people go home after they have been there. Where are all the outbreaks in those places. Excuses by those who want to control everyone else. Mayor don’t let the sway you.


    Maybe it spiked because you dumped a shit load + of illegal aliens in our state that have not been vetted or given your serum (of promise if you you don’t die of the gain of function China killing lab studies then you will absolutely die of the dangerous vaccine if not at the time you take then in in a few years you will kill over from the gain of function or be paralyzed for the rest of your life).
    So come get these deceased people out of our state and take them back to the US boarder and send them back to their own land since your so lucrative with our tax dollars fly them back to their countries.

    And don’t you ever degrade and talk down to MISSOURI RESIDENTS if you don’t like our policies or way of life… let me tell you GET YOUR F’N Arses OUT OF OUR STATE or WE WILL ESCORT YOU OUT WITH MISSOURI PRIDE…

  6. Sure Branson is the cause.. No way illegals testing positive let go anywhere they want to in America. What about the democrats who bought it to the capital. Another power grab by democrats. Why get the shot when you still get it.

  7. Insiders claim Biden shipped a bunch of illegals up to St Louis that had Covid 19. Why aren’t we closing border down to protect innocent American Citizens??????


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