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Arizona Republican Gov. Doug Ducey has started busing migrants from the border to Washington, D.C., and he hopes President Joe Biden will eventually pay for the effort.

One bus had already arrived in Washington and another was on its way as migrants continue to pour over the Arizona border in anticipation of Title 42’s expected end, Ducey spokesman C.J. Karamargin told The Daily Caller News Foundation. Ducey intends to bill the Biden administration for the program.

The article goes on to state the following:

“This is a problem caused by Washington. So we are bringing it to Washington. This is the flow of asylum seekers, migrants entering into the United States or coming into our or entering through Arizona because it’s easy and bearing the burden for this is our communities. Like folks in Yuma, where hospitals, community organizations, nongovernmental organizations are being strained tremendously. So, the goal here is to alleviate the burden for Arizonans,” Karamargin told TheDCNF.

“The funds will be coming out of our border states border security fund, but we will be sending the bill to Washington. They caused it, they should pay for it,” he added.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Ducey took action out of concern that the Biden administration’s plans to stop expelling migrants who illegally cross the border would lead to more people crossing and being released into Arizona. Under a public health pandemic policy known as Title 42, border officials have been able to turn away the majority of people, but come May 23, that ability could go away unless a federal judge intervenes.

“Our communities are strapped. A tremendous financial burden is being imposed on them,” Karamargin said. “We have food banks in Yuma that can’t keep up. There’s one community hospital in Yuma. The 911 system in Yuma crashed not too long ago. A county supervisor said three churches contacted him Sunday because migrants were showing up [from the border], and they didn’t know what to do.”

The migrants reached America’s borders from countries such as Angola, Brazil, Congo, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Peru, Senegal, and Uzbekistan, the Examiner reported.

Once in Washington, they were planing to head to Connecticut, Florida, Maine, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia, according to Karamargin.

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  1. Each state should do this. This border cross is in the Democratic Party. They own it! Same with inflation and gas and food shortages. Tired of their lies.

  2. WTG DUCEY all states should do this. They should send them to go sleep on the white house lawn so they can be near Biden.

  3. So, Karamargin, Decey’s spokesman, who’s arranging the busing of the illegals to Washington, is also admitting that once there, they are then being sent to other states up and down the East Coast. So, Washington is not being burdened with them one bit and, hence, there is still no incentive for Washington to put a stop to the invasion at the Border! It’s all an exercise in futility and it’s one more reason why a President like Trump needs to be in the White House.

  4. Hey Arizona, how about sending them to Palosi’s home in San Francisco? She can give them ice cream and a tent!

  5. Send them to Delaware not just DC. Or send in boonies like Kansas prairies. If young men don’t step up to protect this country everyone will be struggling for food and dying. Get that evil SOB out of the WH. We thought OBama was bad this guy is fucking crazy and just dies what he’s told.

    • I agree its simply helping them.SPREAD across OUR country with little to no effort on.thier part, and NOT on thier dime. Magoo and Co. could give 2 damns.


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