REPORT: Anti-capitalist teacher promotes anarchy, ‘loves’ when students have ‘no respect for authority’

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A Minneapolis science teacher, who recommends teachers include anti-capitalist materials in their classrooms, praised the idea of having no respect for authority.

The teacher at Highland Park Middle School, Mandi Jung, frequently posts videos on TikTok espousing anti-capitalist and anarchist philosophies. Anarchism is skeptical of all justifications for authority and seeks to abolish systems like capitalism, which it claims maintain unnecessary coercion and hierarchy. Jung also said that she identifies with the Industrial Workers of the World, an ideological union with ties to socialism and anarchism.

“My students this year have no respect for authority,” the Saint Paul district teacher said. “And I love that in a person because I have no respect for authority whatsoever. But it has been a frustrating year because I am the authority. So I’m like, ‘Damn the man,’ but I am the man.”

The science teacher recommends bringing anti-capitalist messaging into classroom, including a Marxist political cartoon, which says: “Capitalism. We rule you. We fool you. We shoot at you. We eat for you.”

Jung believes the purpose of education is to not only prepare student to enter the workforce, but to learn about “nature.”

She claims that cell biology lessons are part of “capitalistic indoctrination.”

Seventh grade science… the year that you learn that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell and all this cell biology. So at the end of the unit, I have [students] take a test. And one of the questions is ‘A person says the nucleus is the most important organelle in the cell. Do you agree or disagree, and why?'” she said.

“And almost every child says, ‘Yes, I agree. Because without a boss, the cell would be in total chaos,'” she continued.

Jung says her students’ responses “cracks me up.”

She also claim that microscopic bacteria were the “original anarchists.”

“Bacteria don’t have a nucleus, and they are arguably one of the most successful classes of organisms on the planet. Bacteria out here being the original anarchists, right? No nucleus, no master. Seize the means of metabolism. I don’t know. It’s funny to me,” Jung added.

In a statement, the district said, “As a general rule, public employees, as citizens, have the right to personally comment on matters of public importance without restriction or reprisal by their employer.”

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    • She put some lipstick on, but she still looks like a pig. If I looked like her I’d be for anarchy too.


  1. How come all these idiots have colored hair? I see mental issues with this freak . I would hold the school administrators responsible for their hiring practices and fire them ALL!

    • She does not believe in Capitalism .Fine now pay check . didnt someone say you dont own anything and be happy . Start with her .

  2. Ok, so why isn’t this piece of shit so called teachers fired.
    Really why is the school district putting up with this shit

    • Because Bidens in office! They could fire her, she’d sue, and win. We need to have a change of leadership from the top. (Heck, the Principal’s probably the same way).

  3. That’s why public education is no good.Instead of teaching science as she was hired to do the administration allows her to indoctrinate students.Home school or school choice

  4. Get the radicals and weirdos out of the grade school classrooms. It’s time to go back to basics – English and languages, Mathematics and Sciences, Civics, History and the social sciences. Then once the students (kids) have a strong foundation , they can study whatever they want in College and University. However, those upper education schools should be required to teach basic life skill training like dealing with banking, debt, health, and basic business presentations and communications. Until you complete those courses you should not allow any student loans because you don’t understand what your signing.



    • I, unfortunately, don’t disagree with you. It seems these people have a ‘look at me!’ agenda. Rather than focus on the subject they want everyone to focus on them. 😡

  6. Freaks running our schools. Let’s hope one day, they’ll rebel against her. She’ll reap what she’s sowed. What an absolute crap human being.

  7. Does she work for free??
    Is she passing out her money to all others?
    She is full of sh.t. A trouble maker that needs to get a pink slip… See how well that goes over.


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