REPORT: ‘Anti-religious bigotry’: Dem’s want to ban kids from vacation Bible schools, church youth groups

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A Democratic lawmaker in Nebraska is being accused of “anti-religious bigotry” by Republicans after she proposed to ban children from attending church youth groups or vacation Bible schools.

State Sen. Megan Hunt says her amendment, which would ban children under 19 years of age from attending a “religious indoctrination camp,” is intended to kill the underlying bill, LB 371, a measure put forward by Republicans to ban minors from attending drag performances. The text of the amendment asserts there is a “well-documented history of indoctrination and sexual abuse perpetrated by religious leaders and clergy people upon children.”

It is a tongue-in-cheek response to Republicans who have said children should not be exposed to explicit sexual content at drag shows.

“This is an amendment that I will use to make a point,” Hunt told Fox News Digital. “This amendment obviously won’t pass, and I would withdraw it if it had the votes to pass. It’s a device to make a point, so there is no need to worry.”

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  1. Democrats are sick, but how about we don’t “ban” anything and let parents make their own decisions. This shit is getting stupid. Our founding fathers would be disgusted.

    • Why not ban some things like telling little girls they can be a boy and little boys they can be a girl. Also ban indoctornation of our children in schools and start teaching them what us supposed ti be taught in schools. And these teachers that d I this want more money when some don’t teach the way they should be.

      • Too many teachers have just become activists for social causes – they are not there to actually educate our kids. Teachers in public schools are not allowed to instruct kids in religion, they should also not be brainwashing them into confused and warped ideas of sexuality. For starters.

  2. Of you read the Bible and believe then you ask know this is supposed to happen.
    We will all be worshipping in secret before long.

  3. Who voted this nutcase dem woman into congress and in Nebraska at that?? I thot California was bad. I’d vote to impeach this woman now. Parents and children have rights to their chosen religion.

    • She claims this bill won’t pass and she would withdraw it if it looked like it was going to. She says she is making a point about the transgender drag shows being blocked for kids. But how many kids are ‘harmed’ in any way by going to a religious-based summer camp? My son goes to such a camp and it’s a very good thing. I would NOT send him to a drag queen show, sorry.

  4. What’s next? Sunday School ban? Some things you really don’t play around with.

    This is comparing apples and oranges anyway. What a LOSER.


  5. Schools have and continue to be indoctrination camps for children and it’s worked just look at the little punks today and their behavior and typically turn out to be devil DEMONcrates pushing socialism. Still all goes back to the parents


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