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When Jim Hendren, a longtime Arkansas state legislator, announced on Thursday that he was leaving the GOP, it marked the latest in a flurry of recent defections from the party.

Tens of thousands of Republicans across the country have changed their registrations in the weeks since the riot at the Capitol — many of them, like Hendren, becoming independents. Other former party officials are discussing forming a third party.

The article goes on to state the following:

But if the Republicans’ reasons for leaving the GOP are obvious — primarily, disdain for former President Donald Trump and his stranglehold on the party — the sobering reality confronting them on the other side is that there’s really no place to go.

The report notes that the anti-Trump conservatives are having a problem finding a home, as the Democrat Party continues to move leftward, but those who want to “recapture the GOP from within” find themselves vastly outnumbered.

And starting a third party from scratch requires “gigantic sums of money,” along with all the issues of trying to get on the ballot in every state, when state laws are really only designed for the two major parties, Politico wrote.

Former Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh admitted that he and others who have bailed from the Republican Party are “kind of in the wilderness.”

Republican Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson said in several CNN interviews over the weekend that he would not support Donald Trump if he runs for president again in 2024, and declared that “it’s time” to move on to different voices in the Republican Party.

“Trump should not define our future,” Hutchinson declared.

However, a Rasmussen Reports survey last week revealed that nearly three-quarters of Republican voters believe the GOP should be “more like former President Trump” moving forward.

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VIDEO: GOP governor says he won’t back a Trump 2024 bid

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  1. Politico! Bullshit! If they really left because of Trump they didn’t vote for him anyhow so who cares! Still don’t believe Politico anyhow!

  2. I’ll NEVER vote again! Only if Jesus Christ himself is running, will I EVER vote again! To hell with this corrupt government!!! I’m DONE!!! 😡👎

    • That is exactly what they want you to do they want you to give up now is the time to start fighting like hell if you don’t vote you don’t have a right to complain about a damn thing

      • Saying I’ll never vote again is a sad outlook,we NEED to stay involved and let our voices be heard and vote,otherwise we hand everything over to the left.

      • You are 100% correct because if you never Vote, Socialism wins!! Stop the madness! It’s our constitutional right to vote!!!

    • Well that’s a winning attitude, but if it’s how you feel go for it. You hate the current admin, your non vote is exactly what they’re hoping for.

  3. It’s not the anti-trumpers that are leaving the GOP, they have what they want. It’s the 75 million+ that voted for Trump that want out. How can you not see that?

  4. Bye bye Hendren et al. When the going gets tough …quit! That is not what winners do.
    Good luck…you will need as you made a poor decision.

  5. I’m sticking with Trump..He saved the country until Dems ruined it with hate crimes & racism! Their endless war on Trump made it near impossible to believe in anyone anymore nonetheless a Democrat!

  6. Who would vote for Asa Hutchinson in Arkansas when you have a super star like Sarah Huckabee Sanders who will stand by the American people. Hutchinson is an elitist attorney who has done nothing in Arkansas except raised his pay to 141,000 per annum in (2016). Yes, a year after being elected. He did OK when he worked as a DEA but is not and will never be a great Governor who would better the lives of those who live in his state. It is time to elect real people who will do great for it’s state like our fantastic Governor of Florida – Ron DeSantis.

  7. They Demonrats, RINOS big tech, and msm just don’t get it. We the people want politicians who put the American people first. We pay the majority of the taxes. And we have crooks who once they get our votes, forget who they are working for. They turn their backs on us and start stuffing their pockets. Trump was different, he loves America, as we do, you’ll never get it. “There is none so blind as he who will not see”.

    • I wish there were upvotes allowed on this site. You are 100% correct. Yes, I voted Trump for just those reasons. The democrat/communists and rino’s are proving your point. America will be fortunate to be around for a 2024 election with democrat/communists in power.

  8. I left the GOP because of the rhinos. If Pres. Trump comes back, IM contingent bsck. He showed me he is for the people and that he is capable. How I wish this plandemic didn’t materialize do he could have continued another 4 years!!!

  9. They will all be surprised when they find out that Pelosi had something to do with Jan. 6th, Yes a window was broken, but the rest of the people just walked in through open doors….

  10. You guys act like it matters what happens in 22 or 24 by then we will have been invaded by foreign countries. We will be living in a 3rd world hellhole. Thanks to the collapse of our legal system with our republic, our constitution, our rights. Gone just like that! Vote how you want it will never matter what lever you pull. Enjoy your concentration camps! I will pretend with you a while!

  11. If I leave the GOP is because of the rhinos not because of Trump. This is another tactic of the media make people believe that voters are leaving the party because of Trump when it really is the other way around. The stupidity of the rhinos is believing that they can damage Trump when is viceversa, they are all ending their political careers. Their stupidity is going as far as to keep blaming Trump for the Capitol events. The investigation is not even completed and we will don’t know the results for many years to come, this is another strategy of the Democrats, FBI and the media. What happened at the Capitol is no difference of what happened to many states over the summer riots and not of them complaint that much. This was pre planned to blamed the president no question about it!!! Keep listening to the media and Democrats and we will lose the US as we know it. Socialism is coming to the US unless we the people of this country do something about it!

  12. The never Trumper’s are so out of touch with hardworking American patriots it’s as though they’ve been out in the wilderness all along or from another planet! Who cares if they’re out! Hopefully they will be primaried out forever no matter what they decide to call themselves! It’s NO going back to weak ass wavering rhinos! Or mediocre politicians who forget who they represent. The Republican party is definitely at a crossroads and it’s time to fight fire with fire! America First or GTFO!

    All of the never going to vote again people can’t crawl in a hole! You can’t call yourself a patriot and set on your ass and cry! Fight! Fight the unfairness, fight the party! Wave your flag in the face of those who seek to destroy it! Read the constitution! If you are capable enough to respond to this news feed, you have the ability to email. You have a voice! There are conservative action groups across the web you can join up with to make a difference. Where would we be if our forefathers crawled away defeted every time they came to a crossroad. Pick a cause and make a difference! The AMERICAN DREAM IS WORTH FIGHTING FOR!

  13. Tim
    Conservatives aren’t anti-Trump.
    Wake up!
    The anti-Trump are those that can be easily be manipulated.
    The rioters were the ANTIFA and BLM. They admitted they were PAID off by pelosi, $25k.

  14. Hmmmm so they are now lost soles, really your thinking like a libtard and we don’t want you in the Conservative party period. Go pound sand and enjoy the clown leading the country. Just LOVE how “the riot” is at center stage with these so called Republicans. They jumped ship and I sure hope they can swim because the true constitutional conservatives and yes Trump supporters, will not be attempting to save you minion clowns

  15. So these assholes feel they have no place to go. I know where they can go and don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out. No one cares about these Rino dickheads and others that want out of their party, and can’t stand the fact that Trump is 75 million plus strong. More people like Trump than they do sign your life away Bidum. All losers, why don’t they just admit they are Demons cause there are only 2 parties.

  16. So these AH’s feel they have no place to go. I know where they can go and don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out. No one cares about these Rino POS’s and others that want out of their party, and can’t stand the fact that Trump is 75 million plus strong. More people like Trump than they do sign your life away Bidum. All losers, why don’t they just admit they are Demons cause there are only 2 parties.

  17. It is about time for payback. The rinos and the dems need to be taught a lesson. I believe that God has a plan and we need to be ready.

  18. No one said being a True Political administrator -may it be a congressman or a senator would be an easy job. So roll up your sleeves , wash the yellow off your bellies and get busy doing The Right Things for our country. Fine a spine and stand up and fight for our Country, our Constitution, our Bill Of Rights, our Freedoms, and all of the things you swore to uphold when you were sworn into your office position. Stop being a big ass cry baby. If you can’t do that, then step down, let someone better, stronger and unafraid take your place. You can go flip burgers.

  19. I was an independent until Trump. Because of him I joined the Republican Party. Now I quit. When I saw how the Rhinos in the House & Senate voted to impeach Trump I quit being a Republican. To think that even a dime of donated money might have gone to one of those traitors makes me sick! Trump needs to start a new political party.


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