REPORT: AOC makes incredible claim about young people having babies

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suggested that more immigration is a solution to declining birth rates in the United States as people suffer “under the burdens of capitalism.”

The firebrand Democratic representative from New York took to Instagram to express her dismay that young people aren’t having kids and offered a solution.

Births in the United States have remained “broadly stable,” according to the Census Bureau, though annual births have fallen off from roughly 4.1 million births in 1990 to 3.7 million births in 2019.

“There are quite a few countries that are really struggling because young people, under the burdens of capitalism and living in a society that is increasingly concentrating wealth among the rich, we’re not having kids. Or we’re not having kids at the same rate,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

“And we actually need immigrant populations to help balance things out. We can’t continue to fund social security, Medicare, all of this stuff without immigrants. And it’s always been that way. Don’t act like this is some new trend or anything like that.”


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    • Agreed!!! AOC is a complete mess. Apparently, born defective!!! No place for her in this country – send her to Venezuela – she’ll blend right in!

  1. So a few yrs ago she said people should not be having children because we are going to die in 12 yrs from climate change. Now its capitalism cause a decilne and wants illegals here to populate . What happened to climate change bs. Also Bill Gates says there is to many people and he wants to reduce the population. A bunch of morons …

  2. They are dumber than a sack of rocks!
    How about we stop killing our babies, now that’s a thought.
    If you populate you country with the third world’s population, you become the third world.

  3. This is the dumbest human on earth! And no we don’t need illegals to balance things out, but that’s the liberal left socialist democrat plan! Replacement theory! They want to get rid of all of us white people!

  4. This dumb-*ss needs to go back to bartending where she learned how to think from drunk progressive socialists…unbelievable insane COMMIE!

  5. Look here camel toe , your a bar fly , you have always been a bar fly , and you will always be a bar fly. In the famous words from Chevy Chase to Jane Curtain on Saturday Night Live:
    “Jane you ignorant slut” however in camel toes case “aoc you ignorant slut” . I guess what I’m trying to say is
    STFU !!!!!! DAMN

  6. Right, you dumb twat, just let the illegal freeloaders come here to have their babies as automatic citizens because they were born here, you useless K U N T. Spelled differently for a reason. It sickens me to think a dumb twat like aoc might serve in Congress long enough to collect a retirement check.

  7. The hypocrisy of the left and the environmental groups that back them has no end.
    People (numbers) are the top cause of environmental damage. Back in the 70s all the big environmental groups promoted zero population growth. Sustainable replacement levels. With the pill, economic inflation and stagnant wage increases, Americans reduced the size of their families. On average only 2 children.
    Because of money, the big save the planet groups discarded sustainable population replacement. Instead they promote more and more restrictions on the freedom of people to choose how they want to live their lives.
    Most politicians refuse to even consider the ramifications of unending population growth. They see it as only a way to increase power. Business sees growth as income. The big environmental groups ignore the elephant in the room.
    The left sees the importation of low educated, socialistic third worlders as a means to unending control. The conflicting dynamics are huge.
    Save the planet, buy electric cars, reduce water usage, pave over farm land, eat bugs, go without power, the list goes on.
    But hey let’s import millions more people who will all use, want and need the same resources. Let’s import people who have large families and often can’t afford to provide for them. Let’s take and move people from a country with a low carbon footprint to a country with one of the highest.

    AOC is a moron, much like most of Congress. She just puts it on display most of the time.
    We deserve a national discussion on what our population should be. Do we want to be India or China?

  8. And to think this twat supports abortion and pro-choice but wants illegal freeloaders to have babies. She should record her own conversations with herself. She is really dumb.


  10. She can’t make her mind up about people having kids. She’s told people that they shouldn’t have kids because of the climate and that there’s to many people in the world and if the population keeps increasing it’s going to kill the planet faster and kids will be living on a planet that’s on fire. Now she’s saying to have kids and especially the illegals because she knows that they overwhelmingly vote democrat. She doesn’t really want Americans to have children just the illegals.

  11. The birth rate dropped because the Demonrats push abortion.
    A friend works at a college, there are college women getting abortions every couple of months simply because they’re being taught it’s okay and it’s just a form of contraception.
    Demonrats are now phrasing abortion as “reproductive health”. I’m not female, but how can more than 1-2 abortions be healthy???


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