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U.S. Army soldiers who remain unvaccinated and either have not requested an exemption or have had their exemption requests and appeals denied will be allowed to serve in spite of the Army’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, but they will be barred from reenlistment or promotion.

In a November 16 memo obtained by Government Executive, Army Secretary Christine Wormuth laid out how the service will handle punishments for soldiers who defy the military-wide vaccine mandate. Wormuth’s memo authorized commanders to flag soldiers.

The article goes on to state the following:

Soldiers who refuse the vaccine without an approved waiver will not be immediately separated from the service, but their military careers will be stalled out at their current ranks with no chance to serve beyond their current contract period.

Additional punishments are described as follows: Soldiers will also be barred from being issued awards and decorations, attending military or civilian schools, applying for tuition assistance and receiving bonuses and assuming command positions.

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  1. So Big FJB is going to make our Military pay for not getting the jab. I pray Biden gets what he has coming…..he doesn’t deserve any protection by our Military.

  2. they should use the Nuremberg code where you don’t have to get a vaccination the government cannot force you to get a vaccination without your consent

  3. This administration thinks this will only eliminate Republicans from serving, but I know plenty Republicans and Democrats saying no to a jab. It will just decrease the number of new recruits.

  4. This is totally messed up! All for a freaking vaccination that doesn’t even work! They fight and die for us yet we literally stick it to them if they decline the jab?! Screwed up big time! If you have to keep pushing it that hard and can’t be happy with current vax numbers then something ain’t right!

  5. The left has figured out a way to diminish our military and say that it’s the fault of the “conservative” service members and the false information the left says is out there. Now the only people that will be willing to join are the ones that want the military to pay for their hormones and surgeries!

  6. Time to tell the Army TO KISS YOUR ASS… Hey if ur a E-4 n below, get out… A OTH can still get u bennies… Fuk those that would actually push this bullshit on these young service members… And E-5 n above, the Army cant afford to lose them… Take a stance..

  7. As a former Army soldier, this is pure BS! Basically banishment, like a basic trainee getting kicked out because of a section 8

  8. This is such BS. Give us service but don’t look for any perks of any kind and oh by the way, if Biden gets us into a war, you can still die serving your country.

  9. There is nothing to be proud of innour country anymore You know you are in trouble when all the military is for Is to get sex changes ! Our military is a pathetic group of wussies. Just look at what they just did with the Marines
    Our once great forces are now transgender perverts Dress wearing tu tu ‘s No wonder ! Not only Biden makes is all look like fools Our Military is excruciating to watch
    I would want one in a fox hole with
    Message to our enemies including this regime
    All of Americans are not the idiots you think we are And over half this country is well trained by what used to be our great armed forces.
    That not a threat It’s a fact And we are not your subjects. So stop Or feel what is coming


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