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Roughly 30,000 Russian soldiers have been killed since they invaded Ukraine in late February, the latter announced Saturday.

The estimate is largely in keeping with Ukraine’s previous death toll announcements, as the invaded country claimed just over a month ago that approximately 20,600 soldiers had been killed, suggesting a rate of roughly 10,000 deaths per month.

The article goes on to state the following:

Ukrainian officials have an incentive to inflate this number, while Russian officials have reason to undercount the total, and U.S. Department of Defense officials have repeatedly declined to speculate on death tolls on either side of the war due to insufficient knowledge.

“30,000,” the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense wrote in a Twitter post. “Does this huge number make us happy? No. This should not have happened. But as long as even one enemy soldier remains on our land, we will continue to be unhappy, regardless of how many zeros are added to this horrible statistic.”

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  1. Zelensky is a scumbag inserted by Soros. Half the crap Ukraine is claiming is total BS to try and draw the USA into a ground war and to get more money from us. That money will he pillaged by Ukrainian and American politicians.

  2. They won’t print this but I will say it,anyway.Paybacks are h*** and when all the money was pd out of Ukraine and I’m guessing that anyone knows what I’m saying?It is now being pd back,by us the taxpayers.


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