REPORT: Assistant principal resigns at Virginia school where 6-year-old shot teacher Abigail Zwerner

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The Assistant Principal at the Virginia school where a 6-year-old shot his teacher has resigned as allegations surface the administration failed to respond when warned about the armed student three times on the day of the shooting, The Post has learned.

Dr. Ebony Parker, the assistant principal at Richneck Elementary in Newport News, resigned, district spokesperson Michelle Price confirmed. Parker could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

First-grade teacher Abigail Zwerner, 25, was shot by her student on Jan. 6. Three school employees had warned the administration that the 6-year-old boy had a gun in the hours before the incident, Zwerner’s lawyer Diana Toscano said Wednesday while announcing her client is suing the school district.

The Post learned that a concerned teacher was told not to search the student for the gun. They advised instead to “wait the situation out because the school day was almost over,” according to Toscano.

Zwerner was later shot at around 2 p.m. on Jan. 6, the bullet tearing through her hand before entering her chest, according to police.

The pupil “intentionally” shot Zwerner, police said.

BREAKING: Teacher shot by 6-year-old student to sue school district

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  1. “Just wait it out”, “Don’t do anything”, “Don’t make a big deal about it”, “Let’s not do that, we might offend someone” — seems to be the sayings of the present time. If we could get back to common sense and not worry about offending anyone, we sure would appear as more intelligent people.

  2. Good! It should never happen again in any school. Praying the teacher heals completely and wins her case. And the students can move on with no problems.

  3. How does this still continue today??? We need to demand, not ask, that all buildings install metal detectors at every entrance and exit with security guards. The gun violence in our country is out of control.

  4. If I was a teacher or administrator at that school and the principal or asst principal weren’t doing anything, I would’ve called the police


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