REPORT: Attorneys address claim that ICU nurse in LA crash has a ‘dangerous driving history’

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A nurse suspected of causing a fiery crash that killed six people after she allegedly ploughed through a red light in Los Angeles earlier this month ‘does not have a dangerous driving history’, her attorneys claimed in court on Monday.

Nicole Lorraine Linton, 37, is being held without bail in connection with murder charges stemming from the August 4 crash. She was set to have a hearing over her bail Monday, but her attorneys asked to judge to postpone it until the end of the month.

The article goes on to state the following:

Reports have said that Linton had at least 13 previous crashes — including a 2020 injury accident that totaled two cars — and knew the threat posed by her driving behavior.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Linton’s attorney, Halim Dhanidina, said Monday:

“It’s been reported extensively and it’s not true.

“Our initial investigation has demonstrated that that allegation that’s been bandied about in the media is patently false.”

Prosecutors allege Linton was traveling at 90 mph when she ran a red light before smashing into a crowded intersection.

“A young family was destroyed in the blink of an eye,” District Attorney George Gascón said at a news conference.

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  1. Does it really matter? She just killed how many innocent lives because she was driving recklessly and probably under influence. Funny how the media keeps writing different speeds and now says mentally ill ICU nurse. None of the narratives is an excuse for killing the innocent victims.

    How is a mentally ill person able to be an ICU traveling nurse? Is being under the influence now considered mentally ill or state what the diagnosis is. So many articles miss the facts now.

  2. She may not have HAD a dangerous driving history but she does NOW!! An attorney will argue anything into the ground – makes me sick when they defend people like this.

  3. How does the media get even the most basic facts completely wrong? Is there absolutely no adult supervision or accountability in the news rooms any more?


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