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Disgraced California lawyer Michael Avenatti wants leniency at sentencing for defrauding former client Stormy Daniels of hundreds of thousands of dollars, his lawyers say, citing a groveling letter in which he told Daniels: ‘I am truly sorry.’

The emailed letter, dated May 13, was included in a submission his lawyers made late Thursday in Manhattan federal court in advance of a June 2 sentencing.

The article goes on to state the following:

Avenatti, 51, should face no more than three years in prison for his latest conviction, or 4 1/2 years in all, because two convictions have destroyed his life, the lawyers said.

Avenatti was convicted in February on charges he cheated the porn actor Daniels out of nearly $300,000 she was supposed to get for writing a book about an alleged tryst with former President Donald Trump. He reportedly spent some of the money on his firm’s payroll and personal expenses.

In a presentence submission, Avenatti’s lawyers said they included the letter of apology, sent by their client to Daniels a week ago, as an exhibit.

In the letter, Avenatti said he’d spent the last several months reflecting on his life, his friendship with Daniels, and how he’d represented her legally.

“It is obvious that I failed you in many respects and that I disappointed you and let you down in multiple ways,” he wrote. “I wish that we could turn back the clock so that the mistakes I made would never be repeated. I am truly sorry.”

Citing the letter, Avenatti’s lawyers wrote: “Mr. Avenatti understands that some may view his remorse as too little too late, and that the Court may look skeptically on his contrition given the way in which Mr. Avenatti´s trial transpired. Nevertheless, Mr. Avenatti is genuinely remorseful, especially for the pain his actions have caused his family and close friends.”

The lawyers said that their client has already suffered in a very public way and his life as he knew it is over.

“This sobering reality is as sufficient and powerful a punishment and deterrence as any. Worse, Mr. Avenatti´s extreme rise and fall played out on the most public of platforms, an experience he is unlikely to ever recover from reputationally,” they said.

Last year in July, Avenatti was sentencedto 2½ years in prison for trying to extort up to $25 million from Nike by threatening the company with bad publicity.

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  1. Dont believe a word he says, but then she is no saint. Criminals gather together to screw someone else but then end up screwing each other.


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