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A Brazilian baby boy was born with a real human tail that was successfully removed without complications at Albert Sabin Children’s Hospital in the city of Fortaleza, according to the Journal of Pediatric Surgery Case Reports.

The case report described his mother as previously healthy who did not drink alcohol or use illicit drugs, but smoked 10 cigarettes per day during her pregnancy, with one urinary tract infection during her first trimester, which was treated with antibiotics.

The article goes on to state the following:

She delivered her baby prematurely at 35 weeks with an uncomplicated vaginal delivery, but initial assessment revealed the neonate was jaundiced with a human tail with a ball at the end of it, per the report.

The condition is very rare, with only about 40 cases of real human tails reported, the article states.

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  1. I had a buddy, black dude. In Vietnam the women were told the blacks had tails..
    Another buddy used to say i couldn’t stop him from slammin the basketball over me.. I said oh yaaa he said cause my tail wasnt long enough… He said his tail helpped him push up to slam da ball… We laughed about it

  2. That does not look like a tail to me. The growth was coming out from one side of his little bottom and not from his coccyx. But anything to make news.


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