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A young ballet dancer was fatally shot in her Arizona home by her “startled” husband — and now he’s charged with murder, police said.

Colleen Hoopes, a 25-year-old dancer for Ballet Arizona, was gunned down in her Tempe home early Friday.

The article goes on to state the following:

Her husband, Christopher Hoopes, called 911 at 3:30 a.m. to report the shooting, saying he awoke in a panic and fired twice before realizing he had shot his wife, according to court documents obtained by the Arizona Republic.

The young dancer was shot twice in the chest by her husband in their bedroom, and was pronounced dead at a hospital less than an hour later.

Christopher Hoopes, 36, is now facing charges including second-degree murder and is being held on a $750,000 ahead. His court date is set for Thursday.

Ballet Arizona wrote in a Twitter post, “We are heartbroken to learn of the passing of Company Dancer, Colleen Hoopes. We dedicate our performances of Round: Reimagined For A New Stage to Colleen and the passion she brought to the stage. Our hearts go out to her loved ones. 📷: Alexander Iziliaev.”

Just over two years ago, Ballet Arizona had congratulated the couple on their marriage, sharing a wedding photo, and writing, “In honor of our company members returning to the studios next Monday, this week we will be sharing some of the exciting moments the dancers had over the past few months! At the end of July, Colleen Buckley became Colleen Hoopes. Congratulations Colleen and Christopher!❤️💍.”

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  1. Sounds like he was rather trigger happy.
    Big difference in identifying the threat before shooting, and just shooting anyone in the room. Sad story, but startled, is not a defense for killing someone. You don’t shoot some because they startled you. Sleep or not.

    He will be judged by “Twelve.”
    She will be carried by “Six.”

  2. He looks like a sick demented guy.
    Sorry she never startled him. Cheap excuse you can never ever prove.
    Also why did you need a loaded firearm next to your bed for instant ready shooting ??
    You don’t look like you live in the hood from her employment.
    Sound like they had a terrible argument and he snapped !

  3. Disgusting. This weird looking guy did this on purpose. One shot would have shook him awake. Two shots. Overkill. He wanted to make sure she was dead. He will be locked up for this one. He looks so creepy

  4. A responsible gun owner would verify his target before pulling the trigger. You can’t call it back, sounds fishy to me.

  5. Boy thats right HERE. So very sorry for her family and friends loss along with the ballet company. Indeed something isnt right, “startled” sounds like BS to me too..He looks intimidating and isnt 95 lbs to begin with AND right , an ALREADY LOADED gun ?? This is a another senseless tragedy.

    • What’s the point of having a gun in the home that is not loaded? Yes, he should have known what he was shooting at!


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