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A bank in the U.K. accidentally gave out the equivalent of $175 million to customers in an error on Christmas Day, CNN reported.

The bank, Santander, apologized for the mistake and said it would work to fix duplicate payments, according to CNN.

The article goes on to state the following:

The bank blamed the issue on payment scheduling errors, saying that the problem was quickly addressed with attempts to recover the funds

“We’re sorry that due to a technical issue, some payments from our corporate clients were incorrectly duplicated on the recipients’ accounts,” Santander said, according to CNN. “None of our clients were at any point left out of pocket as a result and we will be working hard with many banks across the UK to recover the duplicated transactions over the coming days.”

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  1. It’s all fiat money anyway! Banks don’t loan money they loan credit! All loans don’t come out of the banks Voult the money is created out of thin air when you sign the papers!


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